Tuesday, May 26, 2015

27th on the 26th, Blog-Day

Lill' block print flavor.
Collab Cut with Kelsey Richmond.

Classic Multi Heads within the head of the artist.
I haven't started the runs for the above block print yet
but i am going to offer 100 numbered total, then thats it.

25 Hand painted-Embelished prints
75 Basic Black on White Acid free paper.

Block is retired and most likely framed with the last numbered print.

Ive started to mess with my own fonts
having found the most epic site!

I highly recommend making one from your hand writing:D
Here's is the link

Below is the beginning of a freestyle from this morning.

Below is an abstract mixed media on paper

(on the back of this picture it says 89' that would make me 6)

So it turns out that aside from being a schnazzy dresser
               i have also been sculpting for more than 20 years….

I was blown away a few days ago,
having seen this picture dozens of times over the years
i am AMAZED that i had never realized what it is that I'm holding.


I will be teaching a surface design workshop with
my mom, Diane Ericson on the 2nd of June in Ashland.

And an epic String Print Class June 26th. 6-8

and heres the link to sign up!

Well hasta la pasta!

and May The Muse Be With you!

Lemme know if your interested in any of the Art shown in todays blog.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Risking Good for great, at least once!

Miles Frode's
26th Weekly Art blog

This Painting is hanging right now in a Brainerd Minnesota Juried Art show, thanks to my dear friend Andrew Turner, The collector who submitted the piece.

-'Indian painting' is one of my first Large Paintings, From almost a dozen years ago.

Most of my first actual paintings were with Spray paint, acrylic, oil pastel and often permanent marker.

As for most of my first paintings…this one is unsigned.

I used to feel my work should speak for itself…whereas now I've evolved how i feel.

 "Self-fully filled PROOF-i-See's"
graphite and india ink 2011'ish

I am exited about this blog…the idea's wings are being built as we fall off the cliff together...
though my physical situation is the worst its been in over a year i am, as always, reassured by my awareness of miracles that show themselves by coinciding densely…thunder roars as my randomly selected radio song seams to narrate me as another magnification of overlap, now as the artist painting under awning adding shading to the clouds….And I SEE MIRACLES HERE!

I have learned to receive my pats on the back from a god who's muses spin round my head like cartoon birdies on newly dizzied protagonists…and though the world's agreed upon reality is heavily centered in the "PHYSICAL'S" ven diagramed areas I have learned to lean heavily into these winds of change where Walking off cliffs to build wings on our respective ways down makes more sense than outwardly critiquing as to feel the ability to clip at wings

I had been planning to launch my GOFUNDME for my Studio album
by my last B-Day April 29th…I am basically done and ready to christen this and let'er launch!..
but i need to share and talk with someone about my final stage and ideas…
so thank you for being patient.

And please enjoy the pieces i share
 in more Audio directions in hopes of giving you an idea 
of what i make and write and think and ultimately believe and feel.

Click the link to be transported to a BRAND NEW UNRELEASED COLLABORATION 
on My (Words'illa's) Soundcloud website where i've been starting to share what music and poetry I've
                                                                           made and been collaborating on.


Since I've been "rolling with the ponchos!" (aka no Camera)
i have been searching out what to share from the tens of thousands of
photos and scans of work i've already been able to catalog and i found some
NON-EXISTANT pieces…A painted over mural on the Main street in Ashland, some painted over stages and Throw away pieces….And some flavor from my 'Trash Show' form the Ashland Art Center
a handful of years ago.

Here…not here…stationary…Moving

These questions feel apt to me not just because I LOVE TO THINK but because i as an artist am enthralled by the process…For me ART IS A VERB..NOT A NOUN!

(though i know we leave traces as paintings and songs as long as the internal acids of a life lived will let  them run rampant in our minds)

I am a believer..that you cannot Truly Capture Art…
Only the remembrance of Trying.

Art's infinite mirror…
rippling to show the surface for those who's need is such and
totally disappearing for those who dare to wait/wade into the defining silences
we are given the opportunities to tempt.

These words…. These pictures and ideas are painting the portraits in through your eyes of me
and they have the opportunity to fill in areas outside the lines of what we already know.

I have had to throw away art over the years…
being able to let go of work becomes part of the Art 

These 2 particular pieces i had to chuck cause of improper storage techniques
                                                     These pieces were from 9 and 7 years ago.

The mural i Collaboratively painted 3-4 years ago for 'Yogurt on the Rox' 
that was painted over at now business 'Star Sushi' in Ashland.
With Rachel Rose

 Painted 'Frame' spots to rotate in art .

The 4 below were painted over and /or cut and painted over
I love to look back at the photos of the stages leading up to 
a finished piece…Especially when Risking Good for great at least once!

-Below was a collab/gift 
      for a scorned ex who painted over the piece.

These piece below were part of my Trash Sow and subsequent
Conceptual Art project/idea where i throw away art i'd shown in my gallery space and watch if and who takes things, and i figured the apex would be what happens with the Trash Workers.

I did see a few specific pieces disappeared before the trash guys came and took it all.

And i leave you today with a vertical piece on masonite that i gave over to
the process/play of Ashland Abundance Swap in 2012.

Thank you for checking out the blog
and bless you infinitely if you feel like sharing back about
content you may be interested in, commissions and murals…
(though if you want a mural it will take at least a month and it will be ambidextrous:)

Much love, and may the muse be with you!

Quixotically your's

                           until next week.
 Hasta la pasta and as my muse Cass would say "Keep it Velvet"
                                           and/or make it Solariums!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Favorite Painting UNVEILED!

My 25th weekly Arts blog

I bumped the camera that Cass,  was so graciously letting me use..so I'm having to go back into my cache of work, and hoping to keep it exiting…I am planning to share more of my 'Personal Collection'
including this first piece from my 'Pranayama…Origin of Wind' series
Also FYI 'Personal Collection' doesn't mean that i won't ever sell the piece…
It means that i won't hesitate to ask what i feel it's worth, just in case you'r interested.

Above example of one of Miles's 'String Prints'

I was asked to be part of Rogue Valley Gallery's 'Studio Spirits' curriculum coming up in June.
                  Check their website or pick up a Catalog in the Gallery in Medford.            

I am planning to do a 'String Print' printing class:)
inspired by My Grandma Lois.

Above- A piece of my VERY EARLY WORK i found again recently.
Im thinking from early elementary school?

                                                    Below- A few pieces for sale.

'The Death Dream'

$430 +shipping and handling

mixed media, collage
on hand built 2"thick stretcher

To the left is a Collaboration with my dear friend Jupiter Moon

This piece was hanging most recently at a wine bar on the main street in Ashland "Liquid Assets" for 3 months.

Framed-'Emerald Bay Tahoe'
             $400 + shipping and handling
Mixed media on wood panel.

Below-A few years ago,  in "Little Switzerland" (as i call it) 
 In Ashland Sitting on the Muse's car 

 Below- I had a great response to expressive painting classes i was offering at the Ashland Art Center a few years ago.
    All of the examples i'd started were evolved and nurtured through the last few years.
   Specifically the long board below my hands was worked with when painting the Fourth of July Parade later that next year.

Above-Collaborating with 2 Wonderful Artists I'm proud to call Friends
Left to Right-Wendy Gell, Dorothy Baker and me..Miles:) 

                     Below a pic of an UNUSED 9 fold CD Album cover i'd designed for myself in 2005'ish?
                                                     (WindLung) was my first rap name-moniker-pseudonym
 heres a first pass
album idea sketch for my friend and fellow first Crew member Turn The Page.

any Album Epic outcome cool cats
       Callin' for a' man with vision?

 Here I am! ..(Or was) a few years back
At Central Art Demo'ing Tee-Juice pens and other Jacquard products.  

(The Square painting above the Thermostat Behind me was a Collaboration with Local Artist and all around cool cat Silvia Trujillo done at the demo:) http://www.silviatrujillo.com

So as i leave you today….
I hope there are more ripples that LAUNCH your words up and out of your minds throats
and into your speedily tapping finger tips across the keyboards letting me know more of what you like and what you want to see more of!..


I have ALOT OF AVENUES through which i reach my enjoyment of the arts
so HELP ME help you enjoy more of what i gotstt'a share:)

'Thank you a ButtLoad!
(Thats an actual weight measure…FYI)

and as always May the Muse Be With You!

Miles Frode

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Number 24-Birthday Canvas Blog!

 May 5th -2015
The weekly Art and Culture Blog
                    of newly 31 year old Miles Frode

Last week on the way to pick mushrooms in the mountains
Lookie' what we saw…AS IT WAS HAPPENING!
I love picking mushrooms not just because of what you get... the things themselves
or because its fun..but and because it requires a different skill set and attention
and usually (like this last time) it's hard to loosen up and trust you'll find some
and thus somehow prove 'it was meant to be'
but just as i was entertaining the idea and maybe more feelings of defeat…
thats when the grace happens/d i said a little prayer and kind of 'let go'
saying something like "I'm here…and your here…and i can help both of us"
                               Above a few Morels from the adventure
                                      in their environment

Since i Busted our camera:(
(Anyone know someone who fixes Digital Sony Cameras?)
                        I'm sharing a "FLASHBACK" of sorts

I moved to Ashland Oregon in 2009 and
soon after got established in the local art community.

I was granted an Emerging Artist Grant of sorts
It ended up being a free studio in the basement of The Ashland Art Center
I was there for a little over a Year.
Near the end i was working to have a totally different themed ArtShow each month
for the First Friday Art-walks.

These 2 pictures below were from one of my last shows.

I called it a 'Trash Show'
where every piece was made on/from
                                  recycled materials.

    The piece in the middle
      was my first real 'Installation Piece'
attaching the sculptural elements enclosed in a smaller 'Frame' box on the floor
to elements emerging from the ceiling:)

Oh…those were the days..


Thanks to Cass and her Unyielding Support
                  I celebrated "My Birthday" last weekend
                   with a handful of close friends from the area
with a 'Birthday Collab Canvas" and some food and beer.

                      Jupiter Moon aka Jove upon Arrival:)
                      (I love my Friends!)
 I started the canvas (which was actually a very fine weave linen)
horizontally on my table partially under the shade.
       Jupiters arm viable…(A rarity as Jove prefers to paint solo)

   Heres when we 'set er' up' to peep' from a distance.
    Below is Gabby and Joey D. dancing together with our companionSHIP (of sorts)
             …...and after :) 

so this is the stage where it was left by all 7 collaborators.
-Paul Harmon
-Dorothy Baker
-Joey Dalcin
-Michael Reinert
-Chris Reinert
-Cassandra Cornwell
-Jupiter Moon

and myself..which i guess makes 8 total.
 As i think i mentioned earlier..
  i think i busted the camera (Barely Tapped it on a plastic table)
   so i don't have a great picture of where the B-Day collab is now

but i have this nighttime flash included picture i took that night after i worked my after the show magic..
that we had been jokingly calling "Fixing it"

So….thanks for dropping in and tuning up the Art today!

the 5th of "MAY the Muse be With You" and
     if you haven't used a dictionary in awhile…
   i recommend checking out these 2 words:)


-Jamais Vu

Thanks for giving a few to to me and my Muse