Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I'M BACK! Blog 51

Miles Frode's Fifty- First Art Blog

January 24 2017

                "I'm sorry its been so long. Hello..how've ya been?"
…"Excuse me..Can you please move infinite in all directions?"
(Text in the Colored pencil piece on the Brown Paper) 
Drawn-10/20/2013    $450 +Shipping n' Handling

BELOW- Opening Art-Show Reception at Rogue Gallery in Medford Oregon. January 20th 2017
BELOW- one of 10 "Artist' Assemblages that evolved from my soothing compulsion/meditation of cutting up random pieces of wood and glueing them together…this is one of the most recent variations with foam core rib cage and heart.  

BELOW-Me, Working in the morning on my intuative sensory sutras..
Photo-Cassandra Cornwell AKA "The Muse"

RIGHT- about 2'x1.5 foot mixed media assemblage on wood art board.

 "Pushing the inspiration across and up and sometimes over dimensions…my gluing continues atop a good sized board… also Photo of me working above is on this piece"
BELOW- Thanks to My Muse, Cass, I now have a good video camera, and i have OFFICIALLY started Filming for my Art Documentary!

Below is a photo from today of my first painting session
Filming the entire process…Planning to start sharing time-lapse pieces on my YOUTUBE SOON!
(as i am still figuring out the camera and movie program)

BELOW- An Evolution of an intuitively playful painting in 5 photos.

from the Start of this piece i knew it was rubbing me the wrong way…(Or too right as i came to learn) …I mean cmon…if a guy who's waist is running one direction and his upper body the other…not even mentioning the fact ..YES FACT..though i painted intuitively with no plan..i clearly saw and see the face/head set right in the center-crotchal region…(I know 'Crotchal' isn't a word)…my poetic license ID number is #8008135…if you end up calling the toll free line, and get through…(Ask for Tammy…sorry i got off on a Tangent…and it was a whammy!

so..this 2nd photo…now directly to our left is
where it went as i tried to take it somewhere other that where i saw it going…
but because i have reverence for the piece of art as deserving of considerations more than normally afforded an object rarely seen as more than a visual battle puzzle…sorry..Tangent:)

So even if what i see isn't what i want to show…if its good…i leave it
Because the Painting Deserves what is good about it….and can earn what is initially unpleasant or unnoticed…Ya Dig!?

BELOW-the Finished Piece
Acrylic,Paint pen and india ink on Masonite

$420 +Shipping n' Handling
BELOW- 22"x14"

$75+Shipping n' Handling

A Raw-Canvas (unprimed) painted with permanent fabric Dye.
GREAT for design and sew work, or to be stretched and/or framed!

I was gonna keep this piece with my personal collection 
but i am shifting to what one might call "Hustle mode" 
kinda had a realization a few week's ago…and i lets just say I need to put a better future financial/business plan forward-Hustle Mode

 BELOW- a 2'x2' stretched acrylic and india ink piece i'd started 3 years ago 
last week starting the dance again, temptation's outweighing appreciations id just recently dawned.
 BELOW-and here she is finished

$650 +shipping n' Handling

BELOW 2 PICTURES- My first hand made canvas wallets..just feeling it out:)
The Check Register was BAD ASS!
It was one of the gifts i'd made recently for Cass:) 

BELOW- 9"x"12 -watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic and india ink on WATERCOLOR PAPER

$300 +Shipping n' Handling

 BELOW- 9"x12"
Acrylic, india ink, colored pencil, art marker

$250 +Shipping n' Handling

 Gouache, india ink, watercolor and color pencil

$ 150 +Shipping n' Handling

India ink, Acrylic and color pencil

$ 220 +Shipping n' Handling

BELOW- 12"x18" india ink, colored pencil and watercolor
(sans signature)

$ 150 +Shipping n' Handling

BELOW- 12"x18" Colored pencil and watercolor

$ 125 +Shipping n' Handling

BELOW-this one i actually signed and dated using my feet.

BELOW- 2 of my Most recent Artsy UNEDITED Low Light Self Portraits.
Taken January 2017

Thank you for your continued interest and support:)…You Rock!

The Photo ABOVE is a small (about 2") 
piece on a home-made easel in front of a piece of mine from 1980..      (I was 4:)

PLease feel free to share, comment and contact me for Commissions and/or inquires.

Miles Frode


"May The Muse Be With You!"