Tuesday, December 30, 2014

the familiarities of inspiration-6th blog

to the 6th of Miles Frode's Weekly Art Blogs

Tuesday 23

Tuesday 30 (today)

(You may notice the date on the above greeting card still in the shuffle..
i just added a touch of the metallic blue in the "face")

The Original of this greeting card i plan to make a limited run of cards from (40) is for sale for $25
I will even send one of the 40 hand signed and numbered to whomever purchase the original, after adding to all in the run, the name of the patron who purchased the card saying "Personal Collection of and the patrons name.

If this idea is intriguing to any and all…
I have in-between 20-40 different, signed  Hand Painted Greeting Cards on Watercolor paper
available with the same option/intention.
in 2 different sizes
6.75"X 5" (really classy, store bought)

and the size pictured above 4.5"x5.75"

So if your still with me..heres "The kicker"..

I am planning to scan all of the cards and make a blurb book with ALL of the Cards that sell!

There will be the same acknowledgments ..."Personal Collection of and the patrons name.

I LOVE THIS IDEA! If and When there are any interested parties
please email me at milesfrode@gmail.com for more pictures, inquires and purchases…more info to follow on how you'r responses and the progress.

if you want to see more in the earlier stages of these cards i'm mentioning,
just scroll around in my Blog to The Second Blog post i did:)

This is a piece being "shuffled back in"
to get moved around and hung up, than taken down and set aside
than somewhere along the line it's either acquired by a patron ($250), or life in its infinite mystery 
and miraculousness allows me to either see/feel/hear more in the story or (and i'd say most often) 

My Friend Jesse, is also a Great Producer who graciously kicked down
(a "mixtape 3-beats Gift!) With his original stencil.

Stay tuned in on Tuesdays!... or wednesday mornings over coffee:)
cause i will be crossing the boundaries and drawing outside the lines by sharing some of my Hip-Hop
once i'm practiced enough and am ready to whisper beautiful little somethings into my condenser microphones minuscule monolithium!

New commission being worked on for Henry "Hennum" Dahut The Author of "Henrys Puzzle"
a decommissioned physical book (I think it's still available on e book or something) who's illustrations and drawings to bring to life the cover concept were done by yours truley!

 The piece first image below was used in a digital collaboration with Christer Rowan

this is the last photo of the most recent layer.
I will post a picture update NEXT TUESDAY!

Heres the first of 4 -20"x30" canvas i picked up last week
along with a dozen or so canvas panels..and if you know me you'd know
that when i got blank canvas and paint… oh boy it's a party!
"Hello..my name is Miles…and..and I'm
                    I'm an art addict.
sooo.. i'm saying this because i painted all of what i'm gonna be showing you
         involving the 4 -20"x30" canvas that evening.

I'ma Feind! I love to paint!
                                                  heres the other 3.

 these paintings aren't as "smooth in stroke" as I'm normally inclined to throw,
               even being non-dominant handed, but since i finished the commission seen in the earlier blogs
the pain that i've been in for the last 4+ years pretty constantly came back after a month or so of having
been feeling a little better.

so now i will be going into my transformation stage…

to roll with the punches
and start using my non dominant hand (LEFT)
                               and Feet (soon enough)

to the point where this has become part of my cycle... for now, unfortunately

This is pretty much my favorite of the week though it also needs to be allowed to ferment a bit more…
I think i will build a frame for it soon:)

one of 3 puzzles i picked up on the same canvas mission last week
that i am in the middle of collaging over than photo the finished than cut out pieces and
make a box of its own! For sale soon!
One of a kind Handmade puzzles

one of the dozen or so other canvas panels i picked up last week.

me this morning with a practice.
non-dominant handed

and a lill flavor to cleanse your palette:)

Thanks again for coming by.
See ya next Tuesday
"May the Muse Be With You!"

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fifth Blogs Lift Off!

Welcome to my linens:)
My fifth weekly blog-
      Somehow it worked out that Tuesdays would play host

Last blog featured a finished commission…
but alas..it wasn't done yet…
heres the final stage before i frame for and with Jessie:)

 if you get a chance to see this painting…
don't forget to check out this tangerine:)
This painting makes me want to paint fruit…
     or lots of people in fruit costumes dancing!

Also got the chance to go see some of My Good Friends Joey Dalcin's
Breathtaking Sculpture that was on display at Souther Oregon University
with My Muse Cass.

 heres a teaser…He is so talented!
normally i have more time for verbal mortar
but today i gotta scoot! 

Bellow are some pieces I finished in the last week's painted during 
the commission and between stages.

 This last one is a 3-d cubist piece
that i've been working on since 2011
i Just added some of what looks kind ofd like toothpaste
but what is actually some kind of acrylic medium…colorless
paint if you will.

Thanks for tuning in,
i hope you enjoyed you'r view
See'ya next Tuesday!

"May the Muse Be With You!"


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Commission Finished!

Today's Art Blog is the Third (pretty sure)

Just got My copy of my dad Chas Frode's new Book"A Dream of India & Other Mystic Stories of Radiance and Darkness" available online
(he used some of my older hip-hop for his slideshow:)
Check it out!

Having shown you last Tuesday some art stages of the 8- 2'x3' canvas i had been working on
toward the commission i received from a friend end of last month-begining of this month.

She was able to come over a few days ago and check out the stages i'd been feeling
were close or needing some input.

She showed me her favorites,
gauging how she talked about the piece
and seeing some of the next steps in my minds eye now
i felt i was ready to work with the finishing touches.

 here are a few up close sections of the finished commission.

 The more we paint or talk or cook or do most personal things the more we recognize more and more of out accent, our characters, themes and Intonations. …   Basically the things that make our work "ours".
An older Artist told me once, finding "your" marks and style is one of the most important things for an artist…you wouldn't want to "Make it".. only to look back and see you've done it with someone else's idea or style you strove to learn.   Don't TEACH art before you let kids get a few shots at seeing if they already know it:)

 My favorite type of art is "Outsider Art" or "Naive Art"- Art from people who are outside the Art establishment…Often Child artists and people with developmental disabilities.

The Passion of marks and the zeal and zest of how they are applied are just a few of the things I LOVE about outsider art…In the above section of my commission i've shown i'm hoping to show some of those types of marks playing in the clouds of this tropical scene.

The lighting SUCKS! for this photo.
I am not the best at conveying the color truth..
but this is a painting to see in person with some nice indirect sunlight:)

I am also continuing to evolve the other 7 paintings i'd shown in the beginning stages
on previous blogs…so stay tuned in Tuesdays to see them progress:)

-here is a new stage of one of the other 7..just a Teaser:)

Also though i am still waiting on my Envelope order…
I have printed up a few hundred Fine Art greeting cards at kinkos
and have made more than 25-30 Hand Painted Greeting Cards…

Please comment or email if you are interested in some Art Cards for the holidays.
sets of cards from 10$-$50 including Originals.

I'd love to figure out with you what type of cards and how many you'd like for the holidays:)

Thanks for tuning in!
see ya next Tuesday
May The Muse Be With You!"


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Commission Progression

Happy Tuesday Art Fam-
Having received a commission last week or so from Jessie Runsvoldt
Bought 4 good size 24x36 stretched Canvas
and about 8 new request colors to use in the direction of "Tropical" and "Hispanic feel".

I started out with a handful of sketches toward my initial take's for idea and composition.

Here are the first stages of the 4 canvas i started the day i got them, with no photos looked at to harvest composition or idea…just goin' at it!

Heres the second layers…

And the Third Layers

in these next 4th and fifth layers i picked up 4 more 24x36" stretched canvas,
sensing i needed to let the first 4 marinate…and also come back at the commission from another angle.

I love the freedom to paint expressive abstractions, what i used to call "Feelism"- Functioning purely on instinct…When letting the muse lead, the composition's discovered. Juxtapositions and inner meanings are more than could ever have been planned for:)

Here are the first few stages of the next 3 canvas started in the direction of One Painting Jessie will have fallen in Love with:)  Thats always the hope as an artist, finding someone who will provide a good home for our work, ideas or maybe ultimately memories?
(I started all 4.. but i found one i wanted to paint that was vertical…i felt it had some tropical pizzaz.
I will share a picture at the end:)

so here we are…7 paintings started in hopes one will be perfect!
None are done, yet:)... I'm 3-4 days in.

I started with 4 Canvas Panel Palettes and 2 other stretched linen/canvas that i used feeling out the color's a bit more:)  Heres a few pictures of the 2… not sure if either are done…but i think the less skinny one may be done.

the vertical "8th" Commission sizer'ino 

Happy Holy Days!
           May the Muse Be With You!                             Hit me up for artwork, Murals, Greeting Cards, Commissions, music posters/fliers, CD covers/Album Art, Hand Painted Hats,Handmade Prayer Flags, Hand Painted Suites/Shirts, Limited Edition Prints, Art/ Collage/philosophy/poetry Chapbooks-  or "Zines", or any other ideas you may like Miles's, more than 20 years of Creative experience:)

Please leave any inquiries in the comments

...and there's the last of the 3rd Art Blog..See you next Tuesday
I can't wait to show you what i will have been working on!

Miles Frode