Tuesday, January 27, 2015

10th Blog-Ashland Artshows

 Miles Frode's
10th Art Blog!

Lill' Later than normal.
But better late than never!

If you were one of the people
who's been following my "blog"
than you know that i've moved to sharing paintings and drawings
i'd been working on with my feet.

well i am still HURTING!
but GOOD..well GREAT news!
is that i almost have my whole year booked up with Artshows and Hip-Hop gigs!
so..i have been working on finishing some select pieces and also cutting frames.
(gonna go meet with my friend/digital guy tomorrow about my fliers)

So heres a few Pieces of work I've been adding to/finishing up.

Above-Aptos/Santa Cruz Time Lapse photo. 2001

A few Photos of mine from High School.

 Me in Taos, sept 2014 at the Magical Staircase

Foot Painting in Progress

and to finish I've go a little TV dinner Tray/ Artifact:)

also a little Skateboard Flavor for anyone who is in the clicking mood.
I "came up with/invented these tricks..having never seen anyone else bust em'"
fifteen years ago
in Watsonville:)

Until next time:)
Miles Frode

"May The Muse Be With You!"

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Painting with my Feet

welcome to Miles Frode's 9th weekly, Tuesday Blog!

from Tuesday January the 13'th-2015
                                            to today! 
                             January the 20th

I am an ART Addict!!!!
and even when i can't use EITHER ARM
i need to make marks and dance with them…
and think about them and become attached to them and 
                               risk them and be surprised by them!

I feel a lot of artists,critics, art collectors and appreciators
often forget or severely downplay the idea of finding joy in the ACT of painting
and the ULTIMATE (in my opinion) importance of an artist to feel joy in the act/ART 
                                                    of painting and not just in having made something….
it's the classic "It's nice to have an end to the journey but in the end..it's the journey that counts"

Being an Artist is the most important Human thing i feel i can do…
all of the possible decisions in life can be given over to the mark
 as well as our interactions and choices with other people. 

If you've known me over the last 4-5 years you may know that 
i have been dealing with CONSTANT pain in both arms/shoulders and neck.

These pictures are of Mixed Media Paintings i have been Soley painting with my feet.
                                            (Pun intended)

I can't do much on this blog…
but i am here! sharing!

Thank you for sharing, Commenting and Appreciating

As always,
"May The Muse Be With You!"

Miles Frode

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rolling with the Punches-8th Art Blog


               Photo by Miles Frode                    182015- Shortcut over to my friend Jesse's House

                                       Welcome to "Rolling with the Punches"
                                                                     my 8th
                                                     weekly Art blog-

Showcasing some of The Arts
of Miles Frode from last Wednesday

                                                                 to This Morning

                             As of a few weeks ago i have had to switch to doing any Art almost completely NON-dominant handed (among other things) due to progressively debilitating Physical condition still yet to be determined (not for lack of testing, treating and trying)…the closest diagnosis has to do with the type of Thoracic outlet syndrome that is the most difficult to diagnose and the fact that one of the 2 arteries taking blood into my right hand has almost a nonexistent flow)

I have been dealing with this diss-ability for the better part of 4 years now,
and aside from getting into it in depth, i am in constant pain and
when i use my right arm for any extended period of time i can barely lift it and
it feels like i'd just connected California and Oregon by train track, solo.
This is why i am hoisting the Title of "Rolling with the Punches" 
                                         up for this weeks blog.

Since these injuries/diss-ability's i have been continually
presented these types of lessons of patience, change and
what i call being unshakeable.

  Or Bending as not to Break….

Picasso said "Forcing yourself to use restricted means is the sort of restrain that liberates invention.
                      It obliges you to make a kind of progress you cant even imagine in advance"

One of my 3-d Cubist pieces fell against one of the 20x26" pieces i'd started a few blogs ago
puncturing through one and piercing the next.

Having taken some photos of the initial damage on My Muses I-Phone

I couldn't get ahold of the initial pictures of the first 2 paintings that had been punctured…
so i put a knife through it again…and took the pictures i was missing.

Sometimes when i am carrying things and start to drop one or two
i throw/drop all of what i'd been holding and just laugh…if i am aware of my own frustrations
when the fluidities of my actions are challenged why not work back into and against those feelings we feel that embitter us?

This may be one of the greatest tools these days.

(mob guy voice)
"So..ya i knifed the painting …and ya it felt good"

 I say to you Artists, Young and old!
Don't Be afraid of damaged artwork…your
miss-marked masterpieces and cut canvas, are unplanned for adventures!

I used a Weld-Bond all weather glue and some small linen pieces..
it may be bumpy a bit for now but when I'm done i will get the back wet and then let it dry and Voila! it should re-tighten:)

Art like all, can become a place to feel safe or challenge yourself.

Picasso also said

"when you begin a picture you often make some pretty discoveries.
                                                    you must be on guard against these.
Destroy the thing do it over several times.
In each destroying of a beautiful discovery the artist is not really suppress it
but rather transforms it, condenses it, makes it more substantial"

This is what the first layer looked like before the holes in this one.

after the first patchwork and a turn of 90 degrees counterclockwise
 after the intentional slice and patchwork
 and heres the last layer as of yet..2:21 pm on a Tuesday.
I will share more if it's evolution in future blogs.

Heres one of a dozen 16x20 canvas panels i'd offhandedly started last week…Work In Progress

                           "Cassandra…The Muse"-Miles Frode

     "The Second to the last supper"- Miles Frode

just added more to this board i found (above)
putting it back in rotation as more than just angular color blocks.

There will be An ArtShow/Hip-Hop performance on the second sunday of february in Ashland OR.
                Miles Art and Word to accompany!
   more info to come …Flier!
next blog

as i leave you with a few of the hats that i've been painting
that are available at PUSH gallery along with more than a DOZEN of Miles Paintings.

Please feel free to Contact me, The artist for any inquires

Well…though i have been working that mantra lately
that does get me into trouble …"Fuck you Pain!…I'm Busy!"

i must bid you adieu.
until next tuesday
great having you and remember…
                           "May The muse Be With You!"                   -Miles

      Every moment is a lesson
..art is safe but the excitement is real!
be willing to risk good for great!

am my Swedish Grandfather was taught in school…

     "Life is Short…Art is Long"

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

7th Blog-Photography,Newly Framed Art and "Rap Video"

Album Art Work-in progress

Above is one of my Photographs

Good Afternoon:)
Jan-6 2015

Welcome to The Tuesday Art Blog

7th in my weekly sharing of creativity

Working to forge the more difficult stages involving patience and prolonged exposure to "The Art World" and it's sporadic foray's of doubt and acceptance,...
i am and have been working to share the things i don't share as easily…
      and what does that translate to for you…
      the eyes to my letters?

well.. it means Some of my Photography and a video of my practicing one of my Heady-Hop tracks                           to be released soon!

2014 Miles Frode -Rapp Road Talent Oregon

          "Emily"-2009 11x14"     (NEWpine frame included)
                $250 +shipping and handeling

            "-2009 11x14"$250 +shipping and handeling
                                          (NEWpine frame included)

      11x14"-$200 +shipping and handeling
                                      (NEWpine frame included)
Acrylic on un gessoed grey canvas

                                                            11x14"- $200 +shipping and handeling
                                              (NEWpine frame included)
Acrylic and Latex on un gessoed grey canvas

OR..all 4 for $520

there are only 4 originals here..
to be clear, The "4 for" offer is a special offer..
in the sense that if one is sold before all 4 are..there will be no "deal"

Newly framed piece in my personal collection (NFS) traded for art from artist Mike Cook
   When i get my "Museum/Gallery" i will have at least the 4-5 originals of his on display.

All Rights Reserved 2014-miles Frode

these are unedited self-portraits.
These are NOT double or triple exposures.

I like to use the camera in less traditional ways,
and having found my grandmothers old 2.something megapixel digital camera
i added it to my art's all consuming momentum
                                               and at some point i discovered how to take advantage of its slow shutter 
without a flash at night to take pictures…

I can't help but think of Francis Bacon (the Artist)
Here's a link of a portrait style triptych of his.

My Muse Cassandra's Cousin, Buddy Denzer.
Who is a kindhearted 80'something year young Jewl of the community
and "Outsider Artist" Gifted me 2 more of his beautiful Wood Pieces:)

That makes 3.
I am ubber exited to get frames for them..
I can already see them together:)
Thank you, wherever you are My Friend Buddy.

When we see Buddy its almost always over the holidays,
and when we hang out you can bet he is working a puzzle.

I found puzzling with him was the way to connect with him
seing as he is quite hard of hearing.

well I'm thinking about giving him one of the puzzles i'd been working on:)

12015-Self Portrait All Rights Reserved Miles Frode

12015-Self Portrait All Rights Reserved Miles Frode

Funny what we like and don't like and when that happens

I went into my "Photo Booth" type monitor camera on my computer to pick out a freestyle i thought was good from yesterday, and after listening to it than following it back a few i stumbled on something much better that i'd intended to share but didn't for whatever reason…so Voila! here you go…


Another Facet to My Creative self.
That is a scion of my poetry
that has been one of my most creative endeavors thus far to integrate…
                              and to embrace.

Yes..I Rap.

All of my gangly limbs play integrally
in this movement we all could agree feels upward

All of What we hang on our walls and reiterate to the song on the radio
                                                 is a mantra…what do you say to yourself via your walls?

Did a Hand Paint you'r picture?

does your art Have A frame?
is whats inside pastoral and calm?

even then i would ask... have you searched the knots of the wood on the barn in the field?
and seen the owl in the wood behind the tractor?

Who we are is in what we chose to observe…

Ok... ok now i leave you with a few more of my Photographs from the last year..

Thank you again from all angles of my heart
for tuning into my Blizzog!       :)

"get at me" (feel free to contact me) if you'r interested in any of the art featured in My Blog
                                    or if you have any questions or for commissions.

hasta las next Tuesday:)

and remember "May The Muse Be With You!"
       Miles Frode