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                                             Monday's ALL FABRIC BONUS BLOG!              #50

Miles Frode
              June 13th 2016, Monday
               Don't know if you caught the new Vogue Pat, but My Mom, Diane Ericson has an Epic DressWork Article FEATURING My Fabric:)

Thanks Mom, Vogue, The Muse…And Everyone connected at the Roots!
Much Love, and i hope you enjoy the Surface designed Fabric Fragment offerings of todays Blog.


     $230 + shipping n' Handling
         UN-Gessoed Canvas, acrylic, India ink
  3 BELOW- Close up details of ABOVE Five foot canvas piece

BELOW- 34"x30"
        UN- Gessoed Black Canvas,free sewn and acrylic (hand-cut stencil and silkscreen)
                   $134 + shipping n' handling

 3 BELOW- close up Details of ABOVE PIECE…Front AND BACK

 BELOW- 34"x21"
         Gessoed Canvas, acrylic, India ink

      $60 + shipping n' handling

 BELOW- close up of ABOVE PIECE

 BELOW- 34"x21"        "Flower Sniffer"
         Gessoed Canvas, acrylic, India ink

      $70 + shipping n' handling

CLOSE UP-DETAIL of face at bottom of "Flower Sniffer" Painting Canvas ABOVE

         BELOW-                          21"x30"
         Gessoed Canvas, acrylic, India ink

      $60 + shipping n' handling

 BELOW- Acrylic, Latex

                       $70 + shipping n' handling

 BELOW- Un-gessoed mono-print strip/straps
BELOW- 8.5"x11" ish OLD OBE Raw Silk "Drawn" with a Syringe and Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Dyes.
                       $70 + shipping n' handling
 BELOW-sq foot'ish Raw/UN-primed "Brown" canvas Painted with Dye and syringe, and metallic and nonmetallic fabric paints.

                    $60 + shipping n' handling
 BELOW- SHIRTS For re-Purposing or…Sportin' (AKA proudly wearing:)

                      2 Directly Below- This one is classy, and ready for wearing!

                     $150 + shipping n' handling

 3 BELOW- Light Blue ONE OF A KIND T-Shirt W-Pocket, Discharge Pasted then Drawn back into.

Jacquard Products used-Discharge Paste (like a "safe Bleach") and Tee-Juice Pens to Draw Back in.
100% Egyptian cotton    Size 42-44
$100 + shipping n' handling

  2 BELOW-
100% Egyptian cotton    Size 42-44
FRONT and BACK of Dark Blue T-Shirt W-Pocket Discharge Pasted then Drawn back into.
(This Darker Bluer one already had a metallic stenciled shape on the pocket)

              $100 + shipping n' handling
BELOW-  The Back of ABOVE Dark Blue

2 BELOW-         100% Egyptian cotton    Size 42-44
                                                                                                 ONE of a Kind
Grey T-Shirt W-Pocket, printed with Hand cut foam print, then Mono-printed on both front and back.

              $90 + shipping n' handling 
                     FRONT of ABOVE GREY T-Shirt With Pocket  detail.

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I almost always post my "ART BLOG" every other Tuesday
featuring, as this one did, my surface design Urban Fabric Fragmented Artworks

AND              My "Fine Art/High Art's
            -Block Prints
            -Drawings and sketches
            -Sculptures/Assemblages and 3-d Assemblage "paintings"
AND          The occasional post/link/announcement about my HIP-HOP/Emcee'ing and POETRY

Like…"I just Released My NEW-6 song EP!
Spoken Word/Heady-Hop Project featuring Award Winning Remix Producer
and Musical Genius Mike Cook, AKA Render The Galaxy
                                         "Jaywalking Across The Moon"

available for under $6 at link below!

PLUS TOO much for me to focus on right now…
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"May The Muse Be With You!"


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

When the Brush is on the other foot. Blog 49

Welcome to Miles Frode's Tuesday Art Blog #49

June 9th 2016 

Being an Art Addict, Miles has a hard time NOT making art,
So Most of this Blog is featuring Paintings Made using BOTH OF HIS FEET.

This is the re-write intro.

Having gotten perspective on how my blog is seen by others
 i am choosing to rephrase how i communicate my struggles. 

Thank you, to all of my friends, family, patrons and appreciators 
who engage with care and concern, not just interest in what Art i've been making.

I am planning to make a small FYI type video to share 
what i am physically dealing with, what tests and specialists i've seen
and what i am doing to get diagnosed and ultimately heal.

featured in this blog are paintings i made between the last blog,
when i was still just pushing through my pain 
and then what art i could make as i could push no further.

I used to see this blog being more about the Art
rather than about me, The Artist.

I think this perspective fit not only with my abilities (or lack there of)
to evolve a more connected story (due to constant pain and nausea) but
it fit my feelings toward not sharing and connecting via the digital means...only in person.

I hope my new attempts to start sharing in a different way reach you in a more sustainable place...
resonating a better balance for all of us
Acrylic and India Ink
$300 +shipping n' handling

 Below- One of the last few pieces Miles Painted using his hands (FOR NOW)
                                end of May.

Acrylic and SprayPaint on Wood Panel

BELOW- layers of masking PRE-reveal and AFTER SPRAY PAINT

BELOW- AFTER big "swipe on" technique
inspired by Gerhart Richter and reminded by Artist Friend Whitney Rolfe:)
BELOW- last week's Block print sesh
BELOW- The Cover of Miles's first Sewn Art/Collage Book.
 BELOW-and the back
 BELOW- 2 inside pages out of 12 total pages.
 Below- 2 more pages
BELOW- A handful of Miles NEW one/off Canvas coloring books:)

                  "Thanks for the inspiration Mom"

Give us a call or email for images of full coloring Books Finished.

Coloring Books Available-

           -with lots of Trees and Organic Natural Shapes + a few classic miles images:)

     #2-"A Dream of More"
          - a touching tale of a bodiless boy growing into a man…always wishing for more

          -Classic Miles Trippy'ness!

      #4- "Coloring Book"
           -Miles Goes Off!

 -Colored ones are as example of what they can look like when using Tee-Juice Fabric Pens and/or Dye-na-Flow from Jacquard Paints    
 BELOW- an un-sewn page example from one of Miles Coloring Books.
BELOW- Pages of DOUBLE SIDED sewn/painted/collaged intended for more Fabric books.

$30 + shipping n' Handling

$30 + shipping n' Handling

$30 + shipping n' Handling

$30 + shipping n' Handling

$30 + shipping n' Handling

$30 + shipping n' Handling

$30 + shipping n' Handling

$30 + shipping n' Handling

$30 + shipping n' Handling

BELOW- a piece miles has been pushing further…technically since he was around 5, seeing as this initial painting is based on a gouache he did in elementary school when in Carmel.

Though unable to use his arms as of late, this and the Green and gold piece with black spray paint were some of the last pieces he was "Pushing" or "Tempting Great from good"
(END of May)

BELOW- $350 + shipping n' Handling
Acrylic, Spray Paint
on Masonite with Edge/Back Wood Frame

BELOW- are some Pieces Miles has been working on Solely with both feet.
               Sounded like his kind of pun:)

BELOW-  "Cass"
12x18 Watercolor paper

                            $150 + shipping n Handling

a page from a sketchbook i started for my foot work's.
BELOW-12x18 Watercolor paper
Acrylic and india ink

$125 + shipping n Handling
Acrylic, india ink, Latex on Watercolor paper

125$ + shipping n' Handled

 BELOW- 2 Demos, FOR SALE from Miles Latest Surface Design Class with Mom, Diane Ericson.
 "I used various rubbing techniques with permanent Fabric Pastels for the under layer of colors
                                                   then Mono-printed on top".

                      Both Pieces for 45$ + shipping n' handling

 BELOW- The LARGEST Art MAil Collab as of yet!

Hilary Davidson and Miles Frode!

Give Miles a call or email if you are interested in joining in the Art/Mail Trade/Play!

We still haven't got the "BUY NOW" button down yet,
so, interested parties please contact Miles

at either
or 541-414-5167 
Thanks for coming over


"May The Muse Be With You!"