Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Tides of Daily Inspiration..

 Miles Frode's 42nd Art Blog.
The Second of this Year

                  January 26th 2016
Above is an evolved piece
That started as just an average wood stool
Then i took 2 wood tongue and groove slats nestled together, screwed to the seat than painted.

Somehow during the tides of my creativity, washing work downstairs to be worked on
and then drawn back into their shells and boxes again at night i started covering the top with Foam-core Titles from art shows past…and now it is a surface..to become more than it is.
 Above- A hand build stretcher
and a light yellowish gesso start lend themselves to this piece's personality.

about 26"x10"
Acrylic, India ink

$425 +shipping and handling

Below a closer look-see
Below are 2 pieces of my most recent "ART MAIL" from my most devoted sharer Hilary Davidson.

Below-An "ART MAIL" transferred sketchbook page 
from a dear friend, patron and exiting artist Leslie Gelber
I have a few new patrons who are finishing up their NEW Farm 2 Table restaurants
on the main st. in Ashland.

I am working on 4- 36"x48" Canvas Toward the design aesthetics and structure of the new restaurant
 Below- one of the 4 after just my Gesso techniques.
 Below-2 textural slices of where the painting above, is now.

Below- The Whole piece mentioned above
 Below- Where another of the 4-36"x48" is right now.

And the Tour De Force! My New 68"x68" commission!
Below is a Gesso process
 Below-Where the piece is now
on the 27th (Tomorrow) i will be adding to it again with my photographer Mary WilkinsKelly
 Below- a few up close ArtAngles of the stage i've been sitting with

The 2 Pieces BELOW are different directions i took the above 68"x68" commission 
after printing it out as a 8.5"x11" image
 I like to really sit with and feel out a piece.
Below-A page from a sketchbook Journal i started when going to Idaho over the X-mas time 2015
 Below-2 pages from the X-mas sketchbook Journal i'd mentioned above

as i am working to submit something, Poetry, art music every month this year, I am planning to send this whole sketchbook to Stampington & Company's Somerset Studios Art Journaling Magazine, 
                                                                        as i discovered the Magazine on that very trip.
 Below- A sketch started in the last few days on a new square mixed Media Journal

Below- Lill' tug of color and war of line

Below- a "3G's" Delicious drink from Ruby's Neighborhood restaurant, 
                                                       where i have a beautiful show up now.

Below- A new Acquisition. One of Jupiter Moon's pieces iv'e had my eye on for a few years.
Also! i have just finished the Blurb Portfolio/Coffee Table Book for and of Jupiter Moon's work!
A MUST HAVE! Offered here for no profit Through miles Frode's Blurb Bookstore LINK BELOW

Or a direct link straight to purchase Jupiter's Book

Below- A piece started working toward making EPIC FINE ART BAGS!
I am planning to make ONLY 5, ONE OF A KIND mid size canvas bags this year from my Paintings.

Let me know if you are interested in getting specific info and pictures of the bags as they get made.
Below- The Cover of my "NEW 1/4 size ZINE"!                  DUCT FLOWER

Almost Ready to Print my first issue,
stay tuned for subscription information.
   Will be a bi-monthly almost solely Black and Whit magaZINE
with 7-12 NEW sketches in each issue
A Poem or poetic snippet or original Rhyme
Information on UPCOMING Art-shows, performances and publications.
With Links and directions to Venues and sites to purchase, invest and explore!

Thanks for checking back in:)
I plan to do at least 2 blogs each month,
I'm just getting the swing of things again this year.

-Miles Frode

and as always…"May The Muse Be With You!"

Friday, January 1, 2016

Last Minute Blog! 41st

 slow internet…
billions of you people now!
(looking for the new year!)

When, where. and how's all aligned
to a place where we'd seen the stars in the sky
throwing hooks like last minute dire smirks

now hearing the undertow of such
force fed fireworks

                                    Miles Frode's Art Blog
                                                                  Thursday 31the, 2015!

lill' progression flavor:)
Step #1-Mix color Gesso

foam brush and credit card
 step 2…prime time!
       Where "she's" at right now and has been for the last 5-6 months

India Ink and dirty paint water
Above- one of my Grandma Emma June Ruth McKinnon Frode's oil painting's i was gifted by my Dad and Step Mom to add to my collection!

Added into my flow of creativity for an eventual fix up (Scratches and dirt)

ABOVE-The cover of the most recent issue of the Rogue Valley Messenger  FEATURING my interview BELOW.

Below- a piece I was working on before i did my final'ish wash type fade back
Below- Where "she" is now

Acrylic, Oil Pastel, India Ink

The Beautiful 2015 Frode Christmas Tree!
 Below- a few creative pics from my most recent visit with my Idaho Family:)

Yay! a blog!
More soon!
and as always…May the Muse be With You!