Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Epic Feet Painting!

                                                 Miles Frode's 32nd 
                                                    Weekly Art Blog
                                                  Tuesday 30th 2015

  Hand Painted Envelopes Available upon Request:D
I've been playing with ideas and techniques…
                                       NEXT BATCH with place for a stamp and THE ADRESS!
 Todays Blog does have cohesion…
knots of intertwinings…

If you haven't gauged by todays title…
70-80% of the photos of work in this weeks blog has been painted with my feet…
using brushes and sometimes.. ambipedriously?
Both or either feet?
Below is a Painting of Cass, in what I've come to see as a 'Classic Cass Pose'
mixed media- india ink pens, coloured pencil and watered down india ink
Below... ALL FEET, india ink
 Below... ALL FEET, india ink

Some wood pieces i've brought into rotation the last 2 weeks….starting with the intent to be abstract'ish 'block Prints' inspired by Kandinsky's epic book "Concerning the Spiritual in Art"(SEE BOTTOM RIGHT PIECE ON PICTURE) 
                                                                             lill' Monoprint ARTifact when playing this last week:)
                                                  ALL FEET- 
                                        Below is an india ink and dirty paint water piece 

 Ive been pushing with the repurpose bug
These wood pieces are now in the cypher..
Inspired lately by Peter Van Fleet and his wood 'collages'

                               Just got some more wood to work on at Scrappy Craft..(Shout out 2 the local shop:)
                                                Thanks for keeping us in the fresh Canvas
                                        Below LEFT-is an india ink, coloured pencil and acrylic
                                      Bottom RIGHT- is an india ink, colored pencil and acrylic piece

                   ALL FEET- 
                                        Below is an india ink and acrylic
                                      Bottom Below is an india ink and colored pencil and acrylic piece

                           ALL FEET- 
                                    Bottom below/all feet-minius the Lyrics/ideas
                              Below is an india ink and coloured pencil 
                              ALL FEET- 
                                        Below is an india ink, marker and acrylic
                                        Below is an india ink and Dyn'a flow 
ALL FEET                        
Below, is a coloured pencil and india ink's and dirty paint water
 Foot Painting Video's

                Thanks to Cass, for the beautiful filming

                                                                                                   Below is the piece from the above video

Above, is a painting I've been working on SOLEY WITH MY FEET for the last year and a half in the times when my arm's/neck pain is overwhelming and outweighs my art addiction's need to paint...

Well nothing too In-depth verbally today..
Please enjoy

"May The Muse Be With You!"
and my Morfar...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Art Not Drama!…and Studio Spirits

Miles Frode's Weekly Art Blog
         Tuesday June 23rd 2015

Above are a few examples of what i will be teaching 
at the low pressure, Locally accessible Rogue Valley Gallery
on This up and coming Friday, June The 26th.

                                                             soon while theres still space.
Im gonna be keeping this blog more visual than lately..

                                      Pain level 7 out of ten today…and
It's been the most MESSED up few weeks…almost ever.

Art not Drama-
Below is a commission nearing completion for my Neighbor.
Jacquard products again..
Discharge Paste and Tee Juice Pens 
 Below is a large piece of Raw silk I'm working on.
sorry for the bad photos..cameras still out of commission.

and for the finale….a piece that my mom, Diane Ericson commissioned from me that she continued to work into:) and a photo that she took of me in my Art Garb near her ashland studio where i have a Fine Art Store.

Thank you for coming by.

let me know if you need anything.

May the muse be with you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sisyphus's uphill battle/grounding sequence

                                                                  30th Fine Art Blog

Miles Frode Aka Words'illa
Tuesday 16th June, 2015

 Thanks to Myrna Giesbrecht for the photos of our collaboration/commission
These photos were taken after my Lesson at the Ashland Springs Hotel the day of my
"Mysteriously missing blog?" Tuesday June 2nd, the 28th Blog…

These photos are of a Garment thats been Cut, altered and re-envisioned by Myrna Giesbrecht.

The Surface design is by Me, Miles.

I LOVE to collaborate! and it's so rewarding and stimulating when the collaboration continues after my initial 'ripples in the bucket'

BEAUTIFULY done Myrna!
and thank you for keeping me in the play
all who Patronize me:)
Above is a 'Dropcloth collabo commission' for Sharon Coker
where i was asked to put a certain dollar amount of work in. 

 My second Haiku published in the local paper in the few last month's.
(Apparently Patronize-GOOD and Patronize-BAD are spelled the same ways)
Below is a
lill' flip book i started mid last year…
been kinda 'sitting on it' till i could finally
get a video camera or figure out some way to use
computer scanning and animation techniques
but my mom Diane Ericson was cool enough to
film on her I-Gadget then Email to me…YAY!


 Since the camera incident 2 to 3 weeks ago blog has evolved to flow around the rock of perceived difficulties
 Where I was planning to initially only share what I had been working on for the last week now I'm digging back into my archives
 And just like when blackberries start to flower and grow and summer and laying boards across the thorns and the moments to reconnect with my process
 And to never lose sight of what and how the artisTREES I've cultivated are flowering and fruiting

 I've been working a lot more with my friend Mike Cook recent music producer and friend and I feel our project should be getting close to fleshing out of its shape and idea…
I would normally be sharing all along the way the euphonious sounds and descant incantations…but i am exited for the REVEAL! and To finally have a product/PROJECT that i (we) can sell!


stay tuned..
even though the FIRST STUDIO album GOFUNDME has been back burnered
and is on a slow simmer…This Project and collaboration
is my teacher…and good example of how sometimes we are so focused… we can't see

and of how sometimes we are so focused on what we think we should see that we COMPLEATLY
miss out on WHAT COULD BE!

and i leave you with a slice of my heart's deckled edge
gingerly atop my sleeve..
(Or off of the cuff for that matter)

"Now's" instinct
spinning our wishes around a stick

The moment Dynamics
of sounding seamless

Sisyphus's uphill battle grounding sequence
last thoughts
on what I've been thinking bout.

 "I feel so disconnected that my greatest struggle is to recognize my success
 And in asking this question over and over I start to realize that maybe I already am successful enough to 'feel successful'
 And now my greatest struggle
                 I feel is to work to feel appreciative and successful already

 Because if it hasn't happened yet
why should I think that I'll be able to recognize it when it does come!

Well I'm on that Hasta la Pasta tip
so I'll see you in a string baking when my legs go all linguini


"May The Muse Be With You!"

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Draw near, as the sky and the view...

Miles Frode's 29th Blog
The First Blog of June!…              (yup, I skipped #28…but why?)

Me (Miles) and my Mom Diane Ericson Above taking a photo break while setting up 
for my Lesson last Tuesday during her Design Outside The Lines workshop 
                                                          at the Ashland Springs Hotel
                                The Above Diane Ericson Linen garment's Design
was created with some complimentary polka-dot fabric (bottom right) and some
              Surface design from my examples
               at my mom's Tao's D.O.L Retreat that i was blessed to be teach at last year.

Please, COMMENT below or EMAIL me with COMMISSION REQUEST'S and 
                                                    Questions, as i am going to be working this style for a bit

(I've already had 5 commission request's for this style!
      LINNEN is in, just get ahold of Miles!)

I am using the 'formula' for this series
within that i am allowing for some groove room, 
in the sense that i am playing with different color's 
and arrangements…if you notice i used the Blue and Black Tee-Juice Pens
from Jacquard, there are some i'm doing with oranges and tans, ochres and grays.

check out their Website, if you haven't yet.
 Blank Silk Ties, Printer/able Silk Paper, Discharge Paste
and Metallic light body ACRYLIC fabric paint!


                                                             (SOLD) Above   
THE FIRST in my discovery/play with working a less
layered composition. I love to LEARN and Play/WITH and for 'NEW' 
-Throwing myself under the bus, Messing up on purpose-
but as my physical ability wanes, I am now, as we are always at every moment
presented with the 'Moment Dynamics' of such human per portion where we chose
where to 'aim' what grit sandpaper to use…what aperture setting or in this case
not so much 'what to paint' but WHAT TO PAINT AT!..Towards
and how i can learn to be satisfied with what i can still create.

AHHH! too heady/poetic
..well, heres some UPDATES from Miles

-Still awaiting the Issue/Date of the My Mom and My collaborative Vogue Article

-My 2nd Haiku is being published this week…(sometime:)
In The Ashland Tidings:)
alongside the funnies:)

-The Saturday before last,
My Dear Friend Jupiter Moon 'Showcased' Mike Cook aka
Render The Galaxy's Collaborations of some My spoken word Poetry on his Local Radio Program 'Jupiter's Jamboree' on Saturdays 7 or 8  to 9 or 10.. 
                                                       lemme check on that. 
(Or JOVE, can you correct me in the comments please?)

below is one of his Online Music Profiles
where you can check out a bit more of his work.

We are planning to Showcase a new REMIX version of some 
of our EP-ALBUM project were working on THIS COMING SATURDAY!


So i draw near as the sky and the view…
 to bid you adieu

Thank you as always 
for your Attention, appreciation and affections.

With Love,..and a Quixotic craziness as always!
Your Artist Friend Miles