Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BLOGasaurus Rex!

Miles Frode's 14th Weekly Art Blog
Tuesday 17th-
 today Tuesday 24th February 2015

                                                                                      I WON!

Me accepting one of 3 Jurors Choice Awards on Friday the 20th
At the Rogue Valley Galleries Biennial in Medford Oregon.

All Three of the pieces i had juried in were selected to show. 

                    Above is an abidexterouse mixed media piece who's title is a haiku.
Above is one of my first Gouache pieces.

These next handful of sketches and watercolors are non-dominant handed 
                                                 pieces "I had to make"over this last week.

It's a difficult stage to be in, as i have for the last 4 years or so working with
consistently increasing pain when using my arms to the point where i basically can't use them.

Normally if i can wait…and work to not work..the pain subsides within a week
i've never pushed it this far… nausea is normal all the time for me.. but the random sharp stabbing pain's in my left foot, specific toes is oddly new and kind of scary.  

I often say i'm an art addict…
thats not really even putting it lightly.

              I have most likely made more artwork (for sure paintings) in the last 5 years than
over the span of the rest of my life…i have drawings from 20 years ago
and i started painting in the last dozen years or so.

When i am in pain or sad or hurt or angry or exited:) I want to..no I need to paint!
I am Inspired when I  remember I am happening with everything else!
It's my Therapy, My Happy Place… and that can be a debilitating cycle…

OW! I need to paint
     OW!!! it hurts to paint!

I exercise my "need" to create and make marks by bending as to not break…
The Black outline marks in this above Piece i did completely with my feet
signature and date.

I apologize for the briefness of our visit this week…
if you remember, or you are getting the info about my debilitation for the first time
I hope those marks can also play a part in the marks you'r mind makes when fleshing out who I am to you….Remember... we make sense of everything as we make everything from our senses.

I go by The Vagabond Wordsmith, and Now Words'illa!
so if your in the Area, Ashland Oregon

Come peep my Heady-Hop!
(end of my set's gonna be a freestyle with My Homie Mixmastr!)

"May the Muse Be With You!"
Miles Frode

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

FUCK YOU PAIN!..Im Busy! (13th Blog)

 Hey! Happy Tuesday:)
cmon in, want a cup of tea?
or a cuppa coffee?

Take off yer jacket…
pull up a chair.
Above is a Completely Non-dominant handed Painting
created when working on my Spring Art/Hip-hop Flier 
            now in the Collection of a Dear Friend Gabby.

                                                 Heres (most of) the flier:) 
The full one can be seen around town (Ashland)…
This one's only missing my Art Show at ENOTECA 
from April-June normally seen at the very bottom of the flier.

                                                      Over the last week
I worked on My Friend Jesse Young-Nix aka Mixmast'r Kno1's 
Open-Collabo Project constructed from the soundtrack of Time Bandits 
                                       and anyone with something to bring to the beat.

The link below is to the actual verse i got "Laced Up"
"First Try Freddy" last wednesday along with the hook jesse had B4 i got there.

The whole track isn't finished yet…but he posts the progression of the project

Above is a COMPLETELY non-dominant handed painting i'd started AND finished 
last Thursday the 12th (might be done…but definitely in an appreciative holding stage:)

On "VDay" Saturday the 14th
I submitted these 3 Pieces of mine from the last 2 years
to The Rogue Valley Biennial…For Emerging (myself) and Established Artists
Above and below are pictures and slices of pictures of one of my 3-D Cubist pieces
that i have yet to show!   "Reclining Nude"

-if you look close you can see Tongue depressors, Drift Wood, Stretcher Bars, Pieces of Frames, Wood Letters, Wood Shavings…and more!

I am really hoping they not only accept all 3
but dawn one with a Jurors Choice award:)
JURORS CHOICE AWARD!                              Come to The Reception 5-8 Rouge Valley Gallery

on Friday the 13th
A talented Artist Friend, Mike Cook
came by and shared some wine and Paint.

This is a painting that Mike added some marks to 
that has been tumbling around my stash and getting marks
from my First Girlfriend i met in Oregon Emily…and also "Disappearing" Chris
 at various painting parties from 2009-
( I reference a specific Chris as Disappearing Chris
because i don't remember his last name and
because we were hanging out and had some painting
business between us..He'd said he wanted to buy one of my Twisty Sky Masterpieces
that interestingly enough….Another Chris Acquired…
       Though the Chris that ended up with it is A friend:)

So It's been Real…SOOOO REAL!
Thank you for checking out some of what I've been working on the last week.

Until next Tuesday…
as always "May The Muse Be With You!"

Sincerely your's 
Miles Frode
   aka The Vagabond Wordsmith, Words'illa

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

12th Blog

Welcome to My (Miles') 12th
                  Weekly Art Blog

This last Sunday the 8th
I was a featured Poet/Musician and Artist
with the Ashland based Dancing People Company's "Second Sunday Sketches"

Having not had time to recuperate
this blog will be mostly visual.

The Art portion of the Dancing People show will be up for the month of February
The 24x36" piece that i finished during the live improv set at the end of the night was donated/traded/given to Rob Head, and will be added the the Show for Viewing while up:)

You can see some of the piece i finished above…

Poet Sallie Ehrman and Dancer Ellie Leonhardt OUTERacting with Me..the Artist:)…

And heres the stage of the other 2 paintings i'd started Live during the Gig.

A hip bag made by Sue Hans Keys with some of my Hand Printed Fabric
from my mom Diane Ericson's most recent Design Outside The Lines Retreat.

A Flavorful Vest Made By Gayle Ortiz from some of my Hand Painted and Printed Fabric.

 Lill Old'er Collaboration flavor from around 8 years ago'ish with friend Jason Miller and Myself:)
I LOVE to get photos of My Art from Patrons over the years.

YAY! I'm on the bill! 
                                   Paid Gig-            Words'illa!

                                                                                            Come check it out:)

Open and close signage by Me….Miles.

And so the end approaches…
twisting the inching feet…
over the broken keys….
and my less agile fingers poking the meats….
or at least your attentions and whats been left in reach.

(lill' free write finish/flourish)

Thank you for tuning in…
and as always "May the Muse Be with you!"
Miles Frode 2-10-2014

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The First Tuesday Blog..on Wednesday:) whoops

Welcome to my 11th  weekly Art Blog

Wasn't able to post yesterday
as i have been "Hustling" ALOT to get my Art Work ready
to hang my 3 ART SHOWS THIS WEEK!
(OWWW!) seriously hurting today!
                  (woke up at 5:30 this to finish framing and Print titles and Bio)

Just hung up my Show at Liquid Assets that will be up during The Taste of Ashland.
Big Thanks to my Friend Cory for the Help this morning, and Denise co-owner/manager of
the "wine Bar/Eatery".

It was great to see Artist and Friend David Gordon
who was taking his art down.
I really like his work, and extended one of the classic…
                     "Id love to trade you a painting of mine for one of your's?"

heres a link if you haven't seen his work yet.

Below is a photo of me, after having hung my very handsome show at Bloomsbury's Coffee shop
(it will be up for the month of february) 

The Next Show i am hanging is for the Dancing People Company's
Second Sunday Sketches up all month and Showcasing some of my Verbal Word Hurdling on The Second Sunday, February the 8th 7-8pm
Above Flier by Robert Head

Thanks for tuning in as always…
               and "May the Muse be With you!"

Miles Frode