Tuesday, March 31, 2015

BLOGden nash..Miles' 19th ART BLOG!

Emcee, Lifetime Poet and 3rd Generation Artist Miles Frode's Weekly Art blog
                                                                                                  March 31'st 2015

My Mor-Mar (in swedish..Mothers Mother) in front of some of her Artwork.
                          Lois Ericson

                            Me, My Grandma and my Mom, Diane Ericson
                            at one of my First shows in Ashland,When it was still Grilla Bites.

A hand build piece thats been evolving since i posted it Tuesday March 3rd, Blog 15.

Over the weekend i "primed" these 2 canvas mostly with Gesso and supplemented with other Acrylic.
I love to start like this as it often gives a subtle under vibe to the piece.                                                (The above piece also was primed with a little bit of a light yellow)

          If you notice the Above photo of the "Brown'ish" one
         I have not only allowed my Limited selection of materials (paint in this case)
        to affect/dictate much of the beginning color scheme, but i have invited my limitations of space to select the structure itself…..
   (In regard to the sectioning off where the length of my work surface is 2/3 as long as the fabric)

       As i was doing the first of the 2.
       (The Pink'ish one) i started to feel an affinity for Rothko
       and how expansive his mood-iful colorscapes are.

                                                   I am really exited about this one.
                                            The finishing touches conversation is already in session
                                            Bouncing around my Minds Eye.

For Sale a Large piece of soft-raw canvas I painted end of last week
$111+shipping n' handeling
interested parties please leave a comment of email me

-AMENDMENT-I sold this fabric the day i post it, Tuesday.

                                         It all started with this above design/pattern.

     I used Jaquard's Dynaflow, Tee-Juice Pens and Neo-Paque.

I am going to be CO-teaching with My Mom Diane Ericson
           a Text-Lettering Surface Design Class on April the 4th.
           (..also I will be bringing my Personal stash of Painted Fabrics for sale)

…and Were working on the finishing pieces for the up and coming Vogue Patterns Article!

My friend Peter Van Fleet invited me to be part of yet another ARTSHOW.
I will have 2 cubist 3-D assemblage/painting/portraits at THE STUDIO's 3rd Friday show in Medford
   on April the 17th.

and to finish the flavor of the week,
we have some of the word work i was playing with:)

and until next week
       May the Muse Be With You!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Throne things around. 18th blog

Happy Blog-day!

Miles here, though i do often misspell on purpose and more often not
if you watch the imbedded video you should get the title

                Blog Number 18 in a series of at least 59 blogs
thats one each week, on Tuesday's until next YEAR!

                         I like to mark on the sides of paintings what dates i work on pieces.

Still in the Works….
though i feel it close enough to sign
I Apologize for the Bad Lighting.

any interested parties can ALWAYS request further angles and

I'm SO EXITED about gearing up toward my Crowd Funding project to take me to my friend Logan's
Recording studio/Music School http://www.theiira.com in Santa Cruz between August and November.
I have started to share more of my Wordplay ArtWork:)
(FYI I am just as serious about my Art as i am about my Poetry and My Hip-hop)

Heres a lill' FRESH off Todays press video of a one try mismatched Lyrics to Beat combo:)

sounds confusing when you read the words..
but one of the best parts for me of hip-hop and really any poetry and music
is that you can just sit back and let someones words turn your brain wheels!

Enjoy the Video Flavor
Lyrics by Me, Miles
Instrumentals by Tan Ganamo

 Upcoming poetry CD "The Outside Box"
 I believe the language technique i'm partially using is called "leet speak"
 whereby supplementing letters for numbers that can reflect the visual equivalent.

Any input?
Can you read it?
is it "Too Abstract"

 This one below is for another poetry album
"RHORshacking up with Patrons"
-Harvesting Art
coming soon
 and this Beauty!…is
for an up and coming Hip-Hop Project I've been chewing on for around 5 years.

with the exemption of a few collage bits of old magazine and some Jupiter Moon art on this cover all the artwork is mine.

I've been inspired lately and finding new ways for me to satisfy my creative urge with the least amount of arm work has been an exiting journey that has seamed to "twist and turn" more quickly.

 Having recently become friends with amazing local artist Peter Van Fleet
my inspiration has moved and shifted and built up and been sanded and colored and distressed:)

if you know his work you may get the reference

                                This ones not "built" or adhered yet
but i spent a good amount of time finding all of this pieces puzzling fits.
                                        I don't have much of any other "New Work"
But if you've tuned in the last few blogs you may recall
I've started to incorporate a few pieces for sale...
 This Hand Painted Raw Silk is 40"ish x 48"ish
   $100 +shipping and handling

 This fabric is a 30"x14" light weight Linen
Light body Acrylic and Metallic "Lumiere" paint
   $65 +shipping and handling
 or BOTH linen pieces for $80 +shipping and handling

 Starting BELOW THIS TEXT is the first of 3 photos of a small linen
companion piece
                      also for sale. 20"x14"
                                 $35  +shipping and handling

Though in pain,
i am blessed and fixed with the golds of god's Kitsukouri
As always My friends
Thank you:)

and "May The Muse Be With You!"

see ya next tuesday:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

From Windows Above Birds-17th Blog

My Window…Blog time!

 17th blog
1 o'clock'ish
           Tuesday …..and already 80 page views!

 much of any painting on stretched canvas since last Tuesday but I have been working recently with my Mom and Designer/Artist Diane Ericson (Link Below:)
She's epic!... if you don't already know
check out some of what she's been working on with my surface design Fabrics

F.Y.I- We are working on an collaborative article
for Vogue Patterns slated to be coming out by the end of the year!
I WILL KEEP all of you blog buds in the loop:D

                      Above is a lill' Teaser of one of 2 in a series
 to be shared as soon as i sign the one i'm teasing with.

                        Acrylic, permanent marker, oil pastel, india ink.
                         2013- Original, one of a kind Miles Frode Piece-
                           12x16                 $350+shipping n' handling

Start your collection today!..or tomorrow:)
                      Great Gift Ready for Framing!

 Grafite, permanent marker, india ink.
                         2014- Original, one of a kind Miles Frode Piece-
                           8x10 Double Matt included.         $135+shipping n' handling

Maybe if i show you a few of my cute bird friends, 
                   you'l get why they show up in my work:)

Above Birds were photographed by me, Miles Frode in our backyard:)
Talent Oregon.

thanks for tuning in…Interested Parties please feel free to email me
       See ya next Tuesday:)
          the 24th.

"May the Muse be With You!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Confessions of an ART ADDICT!..the 16th Blog

Tuesday 10th.
New Living room show:)

As Words'illa! Miles The Vagabond Wordsmith performed at Club 66 over the weekend with some of the new zilch material I've been working on the with Jesse MixmasterKno1 and the awesome Linkletter and Josie Holman!

We had our friend Mike Cook over again, he was in much need of some painting and friendly communion Cass and i told him told him to come over the next day:D
 though I had planned/NEEDED to stop painting/USING my ARMS) the day before
and wasn't planning to paint…but I'm an addict…so i painted.
and almost everything I painted this day WAS WITH MY FEET!

 I don't want to show the whole piece since he hadn't signed them yet 
but here's a slice of one the BEAUTIFUL paintings he worked on that day.

 some lill' slices for you from my muse's ethereal lips to my NEW FRONTear

    The Above Original Acrylic, india ink canvas is 100% painted using my feet.

                                 The above charcoal was administered with the ol' lefty! (My non-dominant hand:)
   The Above is 100% painted using my feet instead of hands…just to be clear.
                 The Above is the most recent layer painted using my feet on top of a color block collage i put together last week.    (WorkInProgress)

above -a good size canvas panel i pulled out to paint into that feet day.

Just a few from the disposable camera i just got back.
 Well thanks for coming back again as always. "May The muse be With You!"…and I guess I'll be working on something... even if I got a friggin fall over in a bucket of paint and roll around on a bunch of canvas…..:D so stay tuned

Miles Frode