Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blogaliciouseness #44

 Welcome to my 44th Art Blog
My Name's Miles.

Tuesday 16th 2016

Below-"pimping out" the shadowbox style frame of a piece i have been working on over the last 3-4 years and it just came out of the other side of being something i didn't like, and couldn't see what to do with..and now that it has been fermenting I saw it with fresh eyes, made just a very few marks  (Lips and a closed eye) now it's becoming one of my favorites!
Lesson #1-Let it ferment a bit…sit with it..live with it..turn it around and hang it on the wall or lean it against the washer in the bathroom, even let it get recirculated into the other positions…like behind the door, or against the spice rack, behind a steps tool.  Look at it…and don't.

 Below- The 18x24" Demo piece i di at my most recent Rogue Valley Gallery Studio Spirits Class in Medford on the 11th of this month.
 Below-another DEMO piece 8x10" that i started and passed off to Cassandra Cornwell, aka The Muse
to work a bit before passing back to me for a few last marks.
Below-2 most recent GREAT art mail pieces from my main art mailer, Hilary Davidson 

Below- when people get to visit our abode, most ask where i paint?
These next few photos are for those of you who like to see an artists workspace.
(PS. i LOVE more space, a view and to use my easel…but..this is what i got for now)

 Below-Another bunch of pieces i started just to have more pieces eventually at a good stage to tempt great and then…and then…and then:) magick!
Below- 2/7/2016 
My AWESOME new friends/Art Patrons Tony and Petra had me and the muse over for a SPECTACULAR home made meal, and they were courteous enough to share their balcony and inspiring view of Ashland and comfortable space for me to paint for 5+hours Thanks again:) 

 Below-just about where the piece is for now.
 Below-Detail from above ashland piece
Below- another spread from the Journal i submitted last week to Stampington and Company's Fine Art Journaling Magazine!       I told you i would keep you posted, well they have it, and i got back my self addressed postcard saying as much. We should hear back within the next month or 2. 

I'd like to extend more than a few thank you's to those of you
who either  know what i do, and have come back for a fresh view or
could it be true…a turned over leaf possibly uncovered, anew?

either way…until next time
                       i bid you adieu.

Quixotically yours
Miles Frode

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Submission-Comission Progression

 Welcome to The Art Blog of Miles Frode

The 43rd Blog
Tuesday February, 2016

Above-about 16"x20" masonite wood piece +assemblage frame
acrylic, latex and India ink

$400+ shipping and handling

I put this painting in the frame backwards with a small gab painted red to create an interesting shadowbox platform for me to'v assemblaged it up!

Below- A piece i started as an example at one of my last Rogue Valley Gallery Studio Spirits classes

 Below-A photo spread from my NEW Limited edition
Below- Discharge paste and Tee-Juice Pens!
classic art shirt flavor medium:)
A few Lands End T-shirts gifted to me by Gwen Spencer (Thanks again:)

Comment below if you are interested

BELOW-the front and back of my
submitted Sketchbook/Journal from recent December trip to visit the Frode Family in Idaho.

I will keep you posted to their response:)

Below- A few more pages of the sketchbook I'm submitting.
Below- Photo by Cassandra Cornwell
 of me and my recent 36"x48" pieces iv'e been working on toward
"The perfect piece" for my new friends and art patrons restaurant in Ashland.

Below-A larger commission piece 68"x68" before i put in some more work today. 
Below-Where it is now…resting.
                                                                                               Below- MY MAGAZINE IS In!

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Thanks for tuning in and dropping by!

Quixotically yours
Miles Frode aka Words'illa!

"May The Muse Be With You!"