Monday, June 13, 2016


                                             Monday's ALL FABRIC BONUS BLOG!              #50

Miles Frode
              June 13th 2016, Monday
               Don't know if you caught the new Vogue Pat, but My Mom, Diane Ericson has an Epic DressWork Article FEATURING My Fabric:)

Thanks Mom, Vogue, The Muse…And Everyone connected at the Roots!
Much Love, and i hope you enjoy the Surface designed Fabric Fragment offerings of todays Blog.


     $230 + shipping n' Handling
         UN-Gessoed Canvas, acrylic, India ink
  3 BELOW- Close up details of ABOVE Five foot canvas piece

BELOW- 34"x30"
        UN- Gessoed Black Canvas,free sewn and acrylic (hand-cut stencil and silkscreen)
                   $134 + shipping n' handling

 3 BELOW- close up Details of ABOVE PIECE…Front AND BACK

 BELOW- 34"x21"
         Gessoed Canvas, acrylic, India ink

      $60 + shipping n' handling

 BELOW- close up of ABOVE PIECE

 BELOW- 34"x21"        "Flower Sniffer"
         Gessoed Canvas, acrylic, India ink

      $70 + shipping n' handling

CLOSE UP-DETAIL of face at bottom of "Flower Sniffer" Painting Canvas ABOVE

         BELOW-                          21"x30"
         Gessoed Canvas, acrylic, India ink

      $60 + shipping n' handling

 BELOW- Acrylic, Latex

                       $70 + shipping n' handling

 BELOW- Un-gessoed mono-print strip/straps
BELOW- 8.5"x11" ish OLD OBE Raw Silk "Drawn" with a Syringe and Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Dyes.
                       $70 + shipping n' handling
 BELOW-sq foot'ish Raw/UN-primed "Brown" canvas Painted with Dye and syringe, and metallic and nonmetallic fabric paints.

                    $60 + shipping n' handling
 BELOW- SHIRTS For re-Purposing or…Sportin' (AKA proudly wearing:)

                      2 Directly Below- This one is classy, and ready for wearing!

                     $150 + shipping n' handling

 3 BELOW- Light Blue ONE OF A KIND T-Shirt W-Pocket, Discharge Pasted then Drawn back into.

Jacquard Products used-Discharge Paste (like a "safe Bleach") and Tee-Juice Pens to Draw Back in.
100% Egyptian cotton    Size 42-44
$100 + shipping n' handling

  2 BELOW-
100% Egyptian cotton    Size 42-44
FRONT and BACK of Dark Blue T-Shirt W-Pocket Discharge Pasted then Drawn back into.
(This Darker Bluer one already had a metallic stenciled shape on the pocket)

              $100 + shipping n' handling
BELOW-  The Back of ABOVE Dark Blue

2 BELOW-         100% Egyptian cotton    Size 42-44
                                                                                                 ONE of a Kind
Grey T-Shirt W-Pocket, printed with Hand cut foam print, then Mono-printed on both front and back.

              $90 + shipping n' handling 
                     FRONT of ABOVE GREY T-Shirt With Pocket  detail.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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                                         "Jaywalking Across The Moon"

available for under $6 at link below!

PLUS TOO much for me to focus on right now…
(Mind is drifting….I need to rotate my tires:)

"May The Muse Be With You!"



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