Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wind Lung! 23rd Weekly Art Blog

Miles Frode 
The Weekly Art's Blog

April Tuesday the 21st
to today (My Grandpa's Birthday:)
   April 28th 

 Words'illa, from the classic Wordzilla
Another Name Miles Frode The Artist Goes by…

also i have gone by The Vagabond Wordsmith and my
dads brother, "Uncle John" once unknowingly gave me my first Emcee name
or Moniker having slipped me one
of his classic notes with numbers and words…
                  I remember asking him …"what this meant?…"
           pointing to 'WindLung' typed onto this money'd payment gift
           he was sharing….and i can still hear him
saying…"Just a lill' something special"… and than winked followed by his
one and a billion mannerism finger roll off exitement.

Heres a photo of me this year doing my Words'illa thing

(artshow behind is also my art)

                      So for the heavy part of this last week I've been
immersed in cataloging my WHOLE ART COLLECTION
         (I was planning to finish by my 31st b-day, tomorrow. 4-29)
                  and helping my mom finish up the VOGUE PATTERNS article
we've been collaborating on for more than 4 months.

             It's slated for a fall issue.
       I will keep you posted:D

So heres a few pieces on matt board and cardboard
i was blessed to acquire for a 'homeless' guy named Tom
who had a Japanese character tattooed with blue ink over his third eye,
Whom i met when i was vagabonding in cali a little more than 4 years ago
 as he was setting up his work in window ledges of a closed coffee shop downtown Santa Cruz.

 The above piece he said he was trying to paint sound.

I love to collect contemporary artists work so much!

Heres a few gouache and ink pieces
from a sketchbook i took to Taos when
i was a guest teacher at a Design Outside the Lines retreat last year.

 Above- My 1936 Singer Sewing Machine
 The above character has shoes inspired by how my Uncle John would draw:)

so theres a smattering of one of my many sketchbooks
i will also be counting in my cataloging.

Just counted and cataloged this piece today

     The above piece
is rare for me…
in the sense that i painted 'from' a black and white photo
that i took in the santa cruz mountains.

oil pastel on navy colored mat board

$250 +shipping and handling

above is a visual sampling of
one of my sketchbook collab trades

This one is with Ray Swaney
over the span of the last 3 years.

        What do you as a Viewer/ Reader want to see more of?

    Are you one of my Fashionistas hoping for more of my fine art Fabrics?

Or are you wanting to see more of my block prints with runs still open?
…or More of my Hip hop?


PLease comment and help me stay in
the orbit of your interest:)

Thank you as always

May The Muse Be With You!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CAUTON-EDGY painting Progression

                     Blog 22
                   Tuesday April 21st    

 So... i forgot to post these last blog…
some lill' wood pieces i carved and Dremeled
over the week before last.

                                         And of course i printed them:D

                                              This is one of 2 that i worked back into after the initial test print.

                                              And here "She" is…the second of the 2 i printed back into.

My name is Miles, and i'm an art addict.

Amid always hurting i feel the course of the pain and POUNCE!
on un-streched canvas within my reach... once theres a stretcher.
    I built two stretchers about this same size over the last week
    And theres no way blank canvas can go un-worked very long
                                                           when it's in my reach!
    Having taken a photo every time i worked on this piece
     as to also ask of it, i sit longer with it, and make small bursts of marks
     This works chicken and egg style seeing as i can barely use my arms today…

Does that make sense for you?..
    hmmm. interesting


   This subject that is evolving
in the painting below is "Edgy"
and may offend.

                                                   And heres where it/"She" is for now.
Tune in…the final piece is bound to energy once she gets this final touches.

last thursday i went into town (Ashland)
to link up with my good friend Eddie to work on some hip-hop.

While walking around i was caught lucky
on such a nice day in an appreciative mood to see
a friend Steven, who i'd only known as a poet before, performing
                                                                       with banjo and harmonica
He even threw in an original for me:)
Gotta love original Art!..Whatever medium

Thanks for showing some love and checking out todays blog.

I just Started/Launched my GOFOUNDME
fundraiser for My First Studio Produced Album today!

                                                    Stay tuned
for the Big Launch with video and full proposal

Anyone interested in any numbered run wood block prints $50+ shipping and Handling
please feel free to comment below for further contact:)..
From me..Miles

Thank you as always
Miles Frode

"May the Muse Be With You!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Working with it, and its Mark'itecture

Welcome to my Art, 
                                                   and its involvement with me over the last week…
and how i relate to it and share and describe it.
    Above-4 24"x36" pieces being worked on (that didn't get hung)
            for this last sunday's "Dancing People Company's Second Sunday Sketches"
                  Where i had a ten minute Poetry Set
and also rotated the art show for a 3rd month in the space.
Thanks Rob Head and everyone supporting The Art's in Ashland, and everywhere!

   If you follow my blog regularly you've probably noticed by now some painting's starting on one blog and evolving, than finishing over another one.
I love the PROCESS of art..
not just the product…

The Noun..
Art is a Verb also…yes..To Art!

I actually have learned to avoid thinking about the thing itself while working with it and its mark'itecture, thats part of what makes it difficult to make what from the outside often look like such daring decisions and unflinching choices.

Below is the way "Kintsukuroi in play" looks  now
24"x24"acrylic, oil pastel, latex, india ink, paint pen
                                $1,100+ shipping and handling

in it's finished state hanging at the Dancing People Company
on Oak St. in Ashland

man..its been 21 weeks posting each tuesday
about what art and music and poetry I've been working on
over the last week..

and there was that one time i posted the next morning…
on a wednesday..
Im not proud of that...

but the Art needs what it needs!
speaking of which..
my mom gave me a Big stretcher bar..
like 4'x6ftish…
and once i had a little time with it i stretched it and gessoed it..
(I had to..it was calling me…with Allusions of unplanned work)

so on this last Friday..
April 10th
I gessoed and painted this

(The Orange and yellow'ish colors are to supplement the use of gesso and add to the vibe of the piece)

                               I didn't know which direction the piece was to stand or lay yet.
                                This piece was painted ambidextrously.
                            Thank you to Cassandra, The Muse for the photos:)
                     (the below picture is the most true to color photo,
                                       as i painted into the night the night before finishing)

 Above 4 cotton column's are examples from my mom Diane Ericon's Design Outside The Lines class i co taught on "Text and Lettering"
The Far Left Linen piece
Marroon'ish Discharged fabric I've been working on.
(i think its linen)

All three of these black discharged pieces are Canvas.

#1 the big one with Irons is 75$+shipping and handling

#2 …im kinda in love with this one..$100

#3  the small one is $25 OR FREE with the purchase of $100 or more from Miles.
Applies to Paintings and Surface design fabrics, and music or poetry.

as we draw…
to a close today with my sharing of last week'ness

I finish off with another painting I started 2 days ago
above 2 photos are how i started this one with slight addition of tone and colour.

                   This is one of those pieces where my appreciation and adventure into saying more with less
                     has me not only wanting to, but NEEDING to stop and sit with "Her" awhile.

Thank you for sapping off my cerebral cyphonings…for
sipping off my celestial somethings and samplings surrendered.

Remember Inspiration means to BREATHE IN!
See you next tuesday..

This week..think of who you know you might know who might enjoy my blog..
and let me know:)

I'd love to share with more people
Thank you as always,
"May the Muse Be With You!"