Tuesday, November 25, 2014

THE FIRST-Sort of an Intro to my blog

Welcome to my Art Blog!
             My name is Miles Frode,
I am a 30 year old Emcee, lifetime Poet and 3rd generation Artist and Teacher.

I grew up around and in an environment where everything could be made by hand..
when my parents were married we lived in a house that my family built together,
when i was young almost all of my clothes were made by my mom.

My parents made their own Tofu (this was in the late eighties mind you..when "Soy" was still considered a good thing..and not a hormone disruptor)

I grew up collaborating on drawings with my mom,
lying on a big ol' piece of butcher paper with a bag of pens and pencils poured out
                                                              next to my moon boots.

This blog is the start…
Those of you who know me know that i am an ART ADDICT!

I have been having art shows and Painting "seriously" for more than 10 years now,
That being said, I am exited to…for lack of better words.. Just start sharing.

so I am planning to "blog" each week.

Since it's hard for me to NOT make art, even through progressive
injury and constant pain…i figured there are some of you out there that would be exited to
"tune in" to My Various arts i'm immersed in.

I will be blogging About my Painting, My Drawing, Printmaking, Fabric surface design, Photography and i may blog about my Poetry and Wordsmithery on here..or maybe on my other blog "Force Fed Fireworks"

I also will be including a teaching/learning slant to the material i post
as i feel the best teachers and the wisest people stay open to sharing…
rather than just holding the "secrets" and recipes to keep an exclusivity
in their vibe.

I am just learning how to "blog" so it will be getting better as i do it,
using what my Figure Drawing teacher called a "Meta-cognative Strategy"
where you figure something out as you do it…my choice of modes of function.

this is one of about 8 paintings this size i'd started in june
it is based on a collage i made first.
75-80% of this painting is done with my non-dominant hand.

Me free-sewing some canvas for sale at one of my mom's
designing outside the lines retreats where i was teaching
and through my design website Urbancadence.xyz

This is one of the Booth Set-ups where my American made laser cut stencils
and my fine art fabrics are available. Thank you to Laura Kinsman for setting up and manning the booth, and my UrbanCadence products. If you see my booth at a trade show she will be there:)

And here is a picture of me teaching at my moms Design Outside The Lines Retreat in Taos NM this year.

When i was in Taos, i got to go to Blue Fish and when i was there i started the conversation to sell some of my work in their store..I sold Iris 2 tee-shirts:)

Im working on a book about graffiti as an art form and a social forum…this piece was from my stay in Taos NM.

So theres my first blog!
I am amped to be sharing more of myself like this!

see ya next week,
Miles Frode

"May the Muse be with you!"


  1. Congratulations Miles on your new blogging venture. I will be looking forward to your blog posts.

    1. Thank you Mary Glen:)
      I'm exited to share my weekly Art Adventures.

  2. Love your new and newer blog, Miles. It shows the variety of your visual work. Love the rundown on how you do your work. That is interesting to folks. Hope McDonalds wants to put your stuff on their Big Mac boxes! Huh! Love you and Congratulations! Chas (Mr. Tofu)