Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2nd Vogue, and Album Release -Blog 48

Tuesday March 29th-
 Tuesday May 10th 2016

Miles Frode's Art Blog

Inside this one-
ALBUM RELEASE, Painting Progression, NEW Vogue Work!…
             Fine Art Fabrics, ONE-Off Tarot Deck Art MAil and much more!

All work is for sale
Interested parties please feel free to contact The Artist, Me:)
at either milesfrode@gmail.com
or gimmie a call at 541-414-5167

Below- One of a dozen paintings or more i started, and have been working on since i last logged in.

BELOW- a photo of mine in one of Wendy Gel's Epic Lamp Pieces, 
                                       pimped out by Michael Cook for the EP COVER! 


                                                             MY NEW EP "Jaywalking Across The Moon"
Produced by The Award Wining Remix Producer and Amazing Artist,  'Render The Galaxy'
    aka Michael Cook.

 Celebrated a beautiful, small gathering for my 32nd time around the sun on RAPP Road, in Talent
(real address:)           with a handful of Artist/Dear Friends and my honey:)
                               (Who made an AMAZING spread of food, snacks and DESSERT for us:)
 ABOVE- a calm moment before anyone had shown up
 I got 4 canvas to have out for painting and collab'ing:)
Above- Joey Dalcin's Hand and work
 Above- Whitney Rolfe's HAnd/Arm-Pen going to town
 ABOVE- Wendy Gel's Bracelet with Official Arm included
                                       bringing some vivaciousness to our sunny backyard Canvas:)
ABOVE- one of the pieces that was collaborated on by at least 4 people I'm sitting with….Feeling it!
 BOVE- a lill' something i made in the last 3-4 weeks in the Jewelry direction with a piece of nature i found on a walk.   You may ssee it on someone cool's lapel
-Sold to (my mom:) Diane Ericson
 ABOVE-$70 +shipping n' handling
India ink from the first week of may

BELOW 3 images-
ONe large piece of light weight Cotton

-wood cut relief print on cotton
 BELOW- a mono-print on cotton
 BELOW- a view of both on the same piece

$75 + shipping n handling
2 Photos BELOW- a 12" BY 6"ish canvas  hand painted with DyeNaFlow then Block Printed
 $40 + shipping n' Handling
 Below- A hand painted Canvas piece just awaiting a Design/sewers eye!

about 18"x24"

$65 + shipping n' Handling
BELOW- A Happy Customer:)

My New/Dear Friend, Patron and Artist himself, Tony T Picking up his Last few pieces today from his and Petra's most recent Acquisition.

Love you Guys!
I can't Wait to See them in your new Restaurant!

BELOW- The other piece…i believe this one is Petra's:)
Noice Choice…

Angels With Chainsaws!

I been painting on this Headboard for the last year…starting to LOVE THIS!
I want to make like…20!
 BELOW- a piece i did in the last few days inspired by a composition of "spiral/stacked Birds by my Dear friend and AMAZING Artist, Jupiter  Moon

A "big" stretched Canvas i started in the last 5 months or so…its been marinating for a few and BELOW is the progression it's taken in the last few days and where it it now:)

 BELOW- where "she" is now:)

Below- A handmade Art/Tarot Deck i made to send as part of a One-Off special Russian Stacked Boxes Gift for My Muse's Sister and Husband:)

You Know anyone who might want a personalized One of A kind, Tarot Deck?
or some Fine Art Fabric to make your dream Shirt?…or a tablecloth or Tote Bag?

well i will leave you with a line from my new EP

…."Everything else is just hanging napkins on ghosts at dinner time"…

Thanks for popping by

See you soon,
"MAy The Muse BE With YoU!"