Tuesday, December 1, 2015

umbrELEPHANTS…Miles 40th Art Blog!

Welcome to Miles Frode's 40th Art Blog

                                                Tuesday December FIRST! 2015

This is the Place!... if your here…

Today i am going to start with a snippet of a poem with the same name as the first painting featured on todays Blog. The "umbrELAPHANTS" painting (BELOW) is about 7"x22" and painted and drawn on a thicker wood panel.  
FOR SALE-$200 +shipping and handling

..."Her hands fall off me like mature petals
        while under the sandman's stormy transition

Alongside Dancing rain umbraELEPHANTS browsing movie titles 
n' when we sleep all of these worlds collide 
until they fall into the pieces we somehow see whole

Helping collapse the accordion of the time of times
Swinging a circle song
To build
With mirrors

Forward and back
Lunging toward the tao's that stick 
like the realties of rusty nail and cold night over open fire"...

BELOW- I consider an "ARTifact" a secondary stage art piece…
a drop cloth, a palette, or in this case a "Clean up-Print" made after using the plate for rolling out onto the block, Where i basically use it for a mono-print…scratching and drawing into the still wet ink…and then i apply the printing surface (paper in this case) than press and rub with the back of my wood spoon 
BELOW- The first stage test printing of a 2"x6" wood slice i'd started a Wordzilla idea on...

So i finally got some more WELD BOND glue that finally works:)
so i pulled out some collected assemblage pieces…and had a PLAY!
BELOW-Upon further evaluation/appreciation of what was around the sculpture…
i see a white face coming out of the dark….Chiaroscuro'ish style
BELOW- a drawing of an EX from around 2008. By Miles

LEFT- photo by Molly Marchetti

Miles (me) putting in some work:)

BELOW-UNEDITED lowlight, slow shutter speed, no flash photo by Miles Frode
BELOW- 2 UNEDITED Artsy, lowlight, slow shutter speed, no flash portraits 
                                                                                                      of Cass, aka The Muse by Miles 

BELOW- an art mail wood panel from Hilary Davidson that required some glue..
and maybe some further love:)

BELOW-   Embellished "MYTHaphore"Block Print #13 out of 50 
for sale- $150 +shipping and handling

ONLY ONE. so act quick if you'r interested.

LEFT- a drawing for Miles aka Mouse from his late uncle John Frode:)