Tuesday, September 29, 2015

THE WAIT is OVER! blog #37 (2months later)

                     Blog 37
       Tuesday, September 29th

Its been around 2 months since i've done one of my weekly Tuesday Art Blogs.

For the last 5 years or so I've been experiencing constant pain
in my arms/neck thats been slowly disabling me/infringing on my mindset…
         I'm sharing this footnote for perspective as to why i haven't been able to post anything for the last few months.

I'm hoping/planning to start consistently blog'ing again!

Below- a Photo from my session with Mary WilkinsKelly and her daughter a a few weeks ago
                                                              (assisting with all that profesh' photo stuff)
Below is a Toothbrush/Bic pen sculpture of mine from my youth
(probably from my teens)
 Below- The Downstairs Main wall show
               FEATURING- 2 new Beautiful Acquisitions from The Planet Jupiter:)
                 Thank you again My Dear Friend

             (I bet you can spot which ones aren't mine:)
 Below-last week i got down to it and finished up some Urban Fabric Fragments
                for my mom Diane Ericson to take to her 'Design Outside The Lines' Retreat in Taos NM
           where i was blessed to be able to teach a lesson either last year or the one before.

These various text styles are from my "Personal Collection" for reference, or an interested party.

I used Discharge paste and Dye-na-flow
both from Jacquard paints.
Below-a loose multilayered mono-print on raw canvas with metallic and non metallic fabric paint

                            Below-A T-shirt i artfully discharged then silkscreened with a design from a Collab drawing with my Seasoned Artist/friend/Poet Ray:) and Angie
               (SHHH! don't tell anyone..it's for my Brother Carlo:)

Please feel free to get ahold of me to get involved with the ART MAIL!

     A few yet unsent, awaiting something or someone epic!
One of The Very First Artist friends that responded to my Call of Art MAil, was Hillary D
and BELOW is the second Art Mail Postcard i got from her after i sent the one directly under this...

Below- one of the almost dozen 'Art Mails' i got from Hillary...
Below-The Rework i sent back to her:)
                 Below- a one off, hand painted, mixed media postcard (on heavy watercolor paper)
               that i sent a few weeks ago to a dear friend and intuitive wizardess:)..(Ya.. i make up words)

Below-A larger envelope sent with various Art goodies to a recent participant/friend/artist:)
Below-3 one of a kind unsent envelopes 

Some new stencils i've cut since we saw each other last:)

the spray stays wet on the stencil itself long enough to get 
beautifully intriguing reverse exposure of the 'actual cut' 

 Below-The desired effect from the 'actual cut'
Below-one of my Meta-pieces
(piece within piece within piece) 

 Below- my first double layer cut

Below-My Favorite Recent Cut.

Any interested parties please feel free to contact me 
                                         for a spraying, or a numbered "Print"
(un-embelished "spray/prints are from $25-$40 depending upon size)

                                                   And now, a few Pieces For Sale

Below- 9'x12' india ink and acrylic on water color paper $75+shipping and handling

 Below- one of my very first 6 or seven oil paintings
                    8'x10' Oil on studio streched canvas                   $80+shipping and handling

Below- "Love, Tuck n' Roll" 
12'x18' india ink and coloured pencil $100+shipping and handling

 Below- 6  8"x8" panels' india ink and acrylic $50 each+shipping and handling
                                                            or $120 for 3 or $200 for all 6:)

 Below-Flower Vase             16"x20"     $240 +shipping n' handling
Canvas panel using a sgraffito technique

 Below- a tropical piece, one of eight i started as a commission for Cass's cousin Jesse, that
                       I've been evolving since last year.

This is the piece i 'exploded on'
in need of some art recently.

 Below- A collage from the last few years.
Mixed media-24"x36"
 Below-       "Chest of Drawers"
A 9"x12" Canvas i've been working on for the last 3 years+

                  Below-       "untitled fish"
A 9"x12" Canvas i've been working on for the last 3 years+
  Below-       Ashland -work in progress
A 23.75"x47.75" wood panel id started a month ago
                                                     Below- 23.75"x47.75" Abstract Wood Panel-work in progress
Stay tuned!
  "Jaywalking Across the Moon"

My collab EP with Mike Cook
aka  Render The Galaxy is almost done!!!!!

Email me for any questions or purchases at milesfrode@gmail.com

See you soon..maybe not next week..but the week after:)
       as always...
                "May the Muse Be With You!"