Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Everything's A Masterpiece! blog 36

Miles Frode's Weekly Art Blog

Blog #36
             July-28 2015
 ABOVE-"Spinning A Smile on The Tip of A Match head"-        $320 + shipping n' handling
12'x16' acrylic and india ink on blue linen
hand distressed frame

Below is a piece i 'started' with the intention of making something
that would be more subtle, or constructed and spacious in its simplicity.

A calm, thinking piece
Send me some and I WILL SEND YOU SOME!!!

I just got this one from an Ashland Artist Candy Wooding.
Thank you Candy:) your's is coming..
(I've got a bunch made to pick the perfect 'Candy One' from)
 Below are a few envelopes I've made in the last week

                           Below-'Frankie' by miles 72415
 Below a photo from my ex's house
 Below's another envelope..this technique always leaves epic invitations to surrealism…
below and on the left i see a defined head of a guy with eyes closed…and on the right, i see a horse turned looking at the viewer.

Below- left over sticker paper is never wasted:)
Post-it technique + the String Print technique:)
 Below- piece using the union jack giving 3-d visual information that reminds me of the piece created when making string prints.

 The Next works are by my friend 'The Planet Jupiter' aka Joseph Hamilton,  pictured below left
 Artist viewing Art.
Below…The Art

 Everything's A Masterpiece!

Below- a smaller mixed media piece on paper, about-5'ish"x12"ish

 Above, about 1.5ft x 4ft'ish on wood
 Nothing like a blog day visit to my Dear Friend and Master Artist.
 Above. loose canvas

 above…the shape of the paint in the middle piece caught my attention when i saw it from an angle.
 I'm always so inspired by such a root spread of art swung through a handful of decades, echoing any and all inculcations, overlaps, coincidences and miracles in a life shown with energy, emotion and depiction…intuiting the nothing and the all

 Above is about 5ft by 5ft un-stretched canvas.

Almost ALL art featured is for sale
please feel free to contact The planet Jupiter for inquires or acquisitions via Facebook link below,
he is a kind, and wise soul.
Below are some photos I (miles) took a few weeks ago 
with Cass's camera phone in a plastic bag during an erie storm:)

I like to use the camera as a tool to create 'abstract paintings'

Below are some 6 wood panels i started last night-727215 acrylic and india ink
mixing my very present inspiration's of Basquiat and local friend Jean-Marie Harrison 
(apologies if i've misspelled anyones name:)

If your new to my blog, I'm an injured emerging professional artist that is working to 
maintain my artistic path and am appreciative if you SHARE MY BLOG with someone you know who LOVES ART, and please as always support THE ARTS!

Thanks for checking in on me and my Art... and where it takes me.

see ya next Tuesday
May the Muse Be With You!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

a study for cubist discovery 35th Blog

Above- a quickly approaching night has Mary WilkinsKelly and Me playing in the last of the day light.
Sunday the 19th Mary WilkinsKelly and i had a beautiful session of 'light painting' once it got dark.
Stay tuned to see the EPIC! ARTSY Collaboration for 2-3 minds!

Above- one of my Artsy photos:) 

above- a page of a pocket size 'zine' for notes that i 'STRING PRINTED ' atop this last week

One of the poetry projects i've been working on is called "HARVESTING ART…RORshacking' UP WITH PATRONS'

this style-theme piece
is the type i will be using for the Artwork
Below-a string print piece using the masking technique of cut post it notes.
 Below-a flier start using the above technique, but with the post it's removed

                    Below-a study for cubist discovery

I've learned/discovered a new technique that i'm using on the
 BELOW canvas panel i've been pushing myself with...

Below-post it's holding cut up full page shipping labels that i action painted all over, then string printed aver all:)

 ABOVE-BELOW-New 3-d ish' style evolution pointing to my inspiration of Jorge DeLa Vega
i first found when i was vagabonding last in Petaluma area:)
check him out..Dope work!

lill' slice up flavor for y'all:)
peep the face up close in the bottommost circle on the left:)

Almost ALL pieces show in this blog are for sale.
I do price and label certain pieces that i showcase, the only difference…
is most i label and price are pieces i've offered for sale previously.

Thanks for Tuning in, enjoying, sharing
and any and all appreciation!

Miles :D
May The Muse Be With You! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The scar is to be framed!

Miles Frode-Fine Art Blog # 34
all but the bicycle in this above photo painted by Miles

 Last Tuesday a trip to The local Craft Warehouse
got me some of my favorite shape n' size canvas
8x24 acrylic, latex and india ink
 above Step 1- freeform color application
 Step 2- feeling too balanced i, opted to wipe/push a drop cloth around a bit.

Right is the drop cloth drying used in Step 2
above Step 3- I 'scratched' or "sgraffito'd exiting marks with the butt of the brush"
 Above Step 4-india inks initial play (mostly for balance)
 Above Step 5/6-Muting/painting out certain area to reassign depth and shapes. +sgraffito
 Above Step 7- adding playfully a Dark color
 Above Step 8- Adding back in Light color
 Above Step 9-Adding back subtlety defining india ink

So these photos Above reflect the steps across 2 days to the first stopping and fermenting stage.
This is where it sits now as i will live with them and listen with my eyes and heart to their story.

A few close ups of the cool sgraffito marks in the beginning

This last week i was blessed to co-teach a surface design class with my Mom and fellow Designer.

Below is a little free-sewn piece of mine
done after my lesson while at my moms studio.

Black Linnen 
Below is one of my first plays with new outside box techniques for Photos.

 Above is a progression of a painting from the last 2 years
i'd started working into last blog.

For those Tech heads…I just got my first official Palette knife
This black canvas piece with new red's is my first play with it.

 Acrylic, india ink, latex and paper collage
 Below is another piece i have been evolving with over the last 3+ years
What started out as a HUGE piece that turned to a collaborative piece with an ex
was then cut into pieces, this the largest piece was stretched in the last 4 months.
 I have been Pushing myself even more than normal in my art…
As i evolve hundreds of paintings over thousands of days in various mindsets,
physical conditions, across state lines... i listen to them…each a front feather i use to fly for however
long they need/allow to then be nestled back into the Q…The Line..
the tumbling in my life….
 This face i initially saw as a Buddha above the skeleton
i now see as an old love interest, when i still didn't know what to do with having such an
important and precious love to hold/share.

These elements that are pieces of my personal history are no longer to be hidden and cropped out.

The scar is to be framed!
 PLEASE-  To ease the plea

Below is a piece id started the last few months
'that i took out of line' and started working intentionally on the last week.
 Below is an example i created while sharing the 2 main techniques i taught recently, combined.

Let me know if you are interest in being part of the next class i get lined up,
or if you are interested in a personal class.

Below is a 'Mod-Piece'
-short for modified.

 I added the Black india ink and the White Gesso
Above is an artsy abstracted version of the above photo.
           NO DIGITAL EDITS-

Below-The Foam Print i cut to share my lesson
 and i leave you here with a moment of….Zen?
(Daily Show Shout out!)
Try something crazy this week!
Scratch up some photos…
                    Paint REALLY messy on top of a beautiful piece of Canvas as a drop cloth…
take 3 colour block'y watercolors and close your eyes and CAREFULLY cut them up…

or take a roll of photos from the perspective of composition..
as if each weren't images of things and places doing things..
but as abstract paintings without focus or defined edges..

                    COMMENT AND KEEP ME POSTED
Lemme know how you messed up on purpose this week!

May The Muse Be With You!
            Miles Frode